Husband Wife Dispute Problem Solution: How To Resolve Conflicts Between Husband And Wife

Are you tired of the fights that you keep having with your spouse? Is your marriage coming to a dead end because of your conflicts? Saving a marriage in spite of regular conflicts is very much possible. It is in fact not worth sacrificing your loving spouse just because you both fight a lot! Saving your marriage in the midst of the hugest of conflicts is in fact in your own hands.

Actually the biggest challenge in the hands of couples these days is saving marriages that are tormented by regular conflicts. If you are wondering how to save a marriage that runs into troubled waters every second week, let me tell you that to save a marriage, all you need to do is to keep certain simple things in mind!

Fights happen in every marriage so be sure that you always remember that you are not the only one. If there is even a single married couple that can claim that they do not fight with each other, then trust me they are just lying! Even the happiest of couples fight with each other.

After all, no two individuals can be all the same. They are sure to have differences of opinion that will obviously trigger fights. Moreover, your spouse may well have a different vision towards life and you both have to give each other the freedom to express yourselves even if that tends to lead to certain arguments.

The problem arises when couples take their fights a bit too seriously. The actual secret to a happy marriage is to treat fights right and to find happiness in the middle of all the conflict.

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Unfortunately, a lot of couples are unable to handle fights and give up very easily. This in fact becomes a major reason for many divorces. But I am sure you do not want to make that stupid mistake! Your love and affection are much more important than the petty fights that you have with your spouse!

You need to understand that how important your marriage is to your life and joy. Don't take your fights too seriously. We all say things that we don't mean when we are angry. So don't hold up your spouse for the things that they have said during a rage. Apologize for hurting your spouse and accept their apology from your heart.

If anything is really bothering you, just talk it out and be done with the issue altogether. Lingering on with hard feelings and bringing up 'the ghosts of the past' for every fight is the worst thing that you can do to your marriage.

Just follow the simple policy of 'kiss and make up'. What is most important is to realize that your love is far more important than the fights that you have with each other. Letting your fights get the better of you is the most unwise thing to do! Saving a marriage from conflict can be easy if you are rational.

Becoming too emotionally involved in a fight is not at all advisable. In fact this is the mistake that almost all couples make. I would rather advise you to direct your energies towards loving and making up after a fight.

Just put the fight at the back of your mind and concentrate on the brighter things in your marriage. Make sure that your make up sessions are characterized by a lot of care and affection and throw in some intimacy each time!

By handling and managing your fights well you will not only strengthen your marriage but all you may know if you know how to make up in the right way your fights can actually spice up your conjugal life too! Saving a marriage by managing fights well is really easy as long as you know how much you love and care for your partner!

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How can you save your marriage from divorce? Communication problem is considered to be the most common problem in the marriage life. It is very possible that you and your partner have been together for a long time, but you've never sit down and talk to each other. The two of you are working so hard until you have only ten seconds to speak to your partner.

This type of situation can destroy your entire marriage. It is a fact that when the two of you are living together, you just stop trying to impress your partner. This goes to your spouse as well. In addition, this is considered to be a warning sign of the problem in your relationship.

Actually, you and your partner often ignore each other while living together. This is the reason why the two of you can't see the warning sign as mentioned. In order to save your marriage, the two of you need to have both physical and emotional connection. If this is your case, then you need to fix the problem immediately.

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Just try to think about the past when the two of you used to be happy with each other, but now everything has changed. What is going on between the two of you? Why did the two of you stop loving each other? Well, this is the reason why you need to communicate with each other.

If you feel that your partner doesn't want to be with you, then you really need to do something to save your marriage. If you go through a day without talking to each other or you really have no idea what your partner is doing, then your relationship is in trouble.

So, communication is considered to be the great way to save your marriage. It doesn't matter what the two of you talk about, but your relationship problem can be fixed if you communicate to each other. However, there is one condition. When you talk, your partner must listen and when your partner talks, you must listen also. Is it very difficult to do? I don't think so.

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Marriage is not intended to be a struggle of wills between two opposite personalities. Marriage is supposed to be the joining of two individuals who come together and commit to loving and caring for each other until death. Now where should help in marriage for Christians come from?

I think you know the answer to the above question but I'd like to share with you some general tips to help you in your marriage. Christians and non Christians need marriage help. Unfortunately, most marriages have struggles and way to many of them end in divorce. The divorce rate for Christians should be lower than it is for non Christians. I'm sad to say that it is not. There is a reason why help in marriage for Christians sometimes fails to help rescue a troubled Christian marriage. It's because as individuals we often choose to ignore the commands that God has provided to keep our marriages and lives on the right paths.

From the beginning of time God let us know how important the relationship between man and woman would be. It is written that a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh.

Unfortunately, although we are eager to become one flesh it generally last for only so long. At some point during the marriage our need to have things our way finds its way into the marriage. For Christians, instead of asking for God's will to be done, there is a desire to have one's own way. Before you know it, the struggle is just to keep the marriage alive and there is no shortage of blame. Have you been guilty of thinking or saying the following?

- Asking God why you were allowed to marry your spouse?

- Accusing your spouse of changing after you got married?

- Wondering if it's God will for you to get divorced or start seeing someone else, so you can be happy?

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Why is it when things are going great in Christian marriages we are quick to give God thanks for the wonderful spouse we have but when things are going bad we blame God? Instead of blaming God or your spouse and focusing on the problems, why not thank God for bringing your spouse into your life and asking for marriage guidance to resolve your marriage problems?

Help In Marriage Tips For Christians

- Pray for your marriage and spouse daily. Don't ask God to change your spouse but rather change your hearts to be more like His.

- Ask God to give you and your spouse patience and clarity in dealing with each other.

- Make sure you guard your mouth and make sure that you talk respectfully to your spouse, and don't try to resolve marriage problems when you are angry. Very little good can come out of a discussion when one or both of you are extremely angry. You will have a hard time listening because you will be trying to win the point instead of saving your marriage.

Don't judge your spouse's level of spirituality. Although you both might be Christians, don't build up negative feelings about your spouse because he or she doesn't pray, read the word or serve in the same manner that you do. Be an encourager and don't discourage and it will help in making your Christian marriage better.

The good news is that it is never too late to help your marriage turnaround. I hope that you have faith that with God, all things are possible.

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With an ever-increasing rate of broken marriages, it is only fair for an individual to go for marriage counseling in order to make sure that his own marriage doesn't have to go through the same fate. A number of people find it awkward or even embarrassing, however, it is to be debunked that there isn't anything out of ordinary to go for marriage counseling.

If you have been observing a steep in your relationship and nothing feels the way it used to, it is probably time to seek help from a marriage counselor in order to reconcile a healthy relationship with your partner. Remember, having issues is inevitable, but not facing them and trying to fix them once and for all is only going to worsen the situation. In order to give you a better idea, we have mentioned some of the circumstances, which may indicate towards the need of marriage counseling.

Communication Gap:

Communication gap may be the first symptom that you are in need of marriage counseling. Once the communication has started to miss, it is quite difficult to get it started all over again without taking help from a professional. If you find yourself in a situation where you can't seem to find a topic to discuss with your partner or whenever you try to communicate, you end up getting into a fight, it is time for you to seek help from a marriage counselor before the situation gets out of hand.


If things have already provoked the thoughts of either partners having an affair or probably one of you have already had one, you must look for marriage counseling in order to determine what has been missing in your marriage that provoked the evil thought. It will ensure that the particular flavor can be brought back to your relationship and it can be reconciled in an appropriate fashion.

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As soon as you start to feel like you and your partner are only occupying the same space and there isn't anything but existing between you people, you may want to look for marriage counseling. No communication, no romance, no fun, no outing, if that's what you have been facing, you can bet things are getting pretty serious already.

No Solution:

More than often in such circumstances you find yourself wanting to fix things with your partner but you are completely unaware of where to start. You just can't seem to find a solution to the differences, which have been, originated between you two. In such circumstances, it should go without saying that only a professional and particularly skilled individual would be able to help you out.


Last but not the least, if you think that the only solution to all the problems that you are facing is separation, if you think that the differences can't be filled and you are going to end up getting divorced sooner or later, it is high time that you look for marriage counselor to make sure that your suspicions are not brought to life.

In the light of the above mentioned information, it can almost be taken for granted that in order to save your marriage from getting shattered, it is always a commendable idea to seek help from a reliable and trustworthy marriage counselor who isn't only going to come up with the most effective solutions to reconcile the relationship, but is also going to respect your privacy. It is to be kept in mind that nothing is more important than your relationship and you must do everything within your power to save it.

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