Hypnosis is a natural phenomenon in our mind. It is a wonderful state of deep relaxation. Both the body and the mind come to a complete relaxation. Hypnosis is incredibly powerful and effective for changing everything you run into in your life, physically or mentally. When you are in hypnosis, you are fully aware of what is happening and being said.

Any form of hypnosis is essentially self-hypnosis. If the person to be hypnotized does not want to be hypnotized, that will not be possible either. Those who resist cannot get into hypnosis, but unfortunately cannot be helped with hypnosis therapy.

When we read a book and disconnect from the rest of the stimuli in the environment, we can say that we are mesmerized by reading. Thus, in a hypnosis session, the client is led to relax and focus on the content arising during the session. The hypnotic trance process is very different from the state of sleep. During hypnotic trance, by means of an induction, the individual directs his focus, really concentrating his thoughts. The brain shows high psychic activity, which causes important brain reactions. In the office environment, in a context of trust and confidentiality. The hypnotic trance is instigated by the therapist, which leads the client to a deep concentration on what is said.

This client thus becomes receptive to suggestions previously agreed with the therapist according to the objective intended with that treatment. All this with the most perfect control by the professional. One of the phenomena that occurred at that time is the increase in the production of neurotransmitters - such as serotonin and norepinephrine. It is responsible for the feeling of well-being and for stimulating the strengthening of the immune system, leading to a significant improvement in several diseases.

In what cases hypnosis can help?

Clinical hypnosis in Brazil is recognized by the Boards of Medicine, Psychology, Physiotherapy and Dentistry. As a therapeutic resource, it can be used both by professionals in these fields and by trained psychoanalysts, therapists or hypnologists. Hypnotherapy can help with numerous psychological and behavioral issues such as phobias, stuttering, drug addiction, panic syndrome, allergies, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, trauma and in many other psychosomatic cases. Hypnotherapy can also be used in combination with medical and dental treatments, relieving patients' pain, anxiety and postoperative conditions.

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