When people first hear about waking Hypnosis they are kind of thrown for a tailspin. People usually think of Hypnosis as something where you are sleeping and you are totally unconscious. This is not the case.

With waking Hypnosis you can get all of the same Hypnotic phenomenon while a person has their eyes open. There is no need for them to deep in some sort of deep hypnotic trance. There are times when a deep hypnotic trance can actually impede any therapeutic work that you are trying to accomplish.

When doing Hypnotherapy you want your client to be as responsive as they can. If they are zonked out and in some somnambulistic trance its hard for them to give you very clear answers.

Why use outdated methods of achieving Hypnotic phenomenon when you can cut out all of the mumbo jumbo? A Hypnosis induction is nothing more than a glorified ritual. Rituals are really only there for the person doing the ritual. They help us to feel confident. Once we get rid of the rigid structure of a Hypnotic induction, aka ritual, we can go onto bigger and better things.

There are countless ways to hypnotize a person. They pretty much all achieve the same thing which is results. A hypnotic induction is like a model t car, and hypnosis without trance is a souped up race car. Both of these can get us to the same destination, except one of them is a tad bit quicker.

In the Hypnosis and NLP community there is a huge debate about Trance. There are the people that feel that Hypnosis has to have a trance. These are known as the "state" people. State being a mental state. They will use scientific studies, MRI's, etc. to try to prove that there is really a hypnotic mental state.

Then we have the non-state people. Quite a few people on this side of the fence think that Hypnosis happens because of compliance and other variables. They definitely don't believe there is a trance state.

Regardless of what either of these two groups think, one thing is for sure. Hypnosis can definitely occur without any kind of trance state. All of the Hypnotic phenomenon occurs on a daily basis without any need for a trance. For example:

1) Time distortion naturally occurs without any kind of altered state. Ever been in line at the bank and time drags on and on?
2) Negative and Positive hallucinations occur without trance You ever had the experience where you couldn't see something that you were desperately looking for? No trance there!

Why worry about getting someone into a trance? Just bang on and get the hypnotic phenomenon happening right away!


Author's Bio: 

Antonio Perez is a Hypnotherapist on Kauai that loves to use Hypnosis without trance. He gets people to do funny things with Hypnosis :D

Watch the Hypnosis Without Trance Review on youtube.