Do you find that you are suffering from a large amount of stress in your daily life? Is anxiety too frequent during your day? Do you ever wish that there was a way for you to relax and it wasn’t going to eat up a huge amount of time or completely empty out your wallet?

If yes is the answer to any of these questions then you owe it to yourself to learn the ways of self hypnosis relaxation techniques.

Now let’s discover the best ways to learn about self hypnosis relaxation techniques.

The very first thing that you need to do is make sure that you can set aside a block of time that you will be undisturbed. You should have at least thirty minutes of free time but if you can set aside an hour’s worth of time that would be even better. After you have your time set aside you then need to find a great place to relax. This place should be nice and clean, you could maybe light a few candles of your favorite scent. Make sure that the room is at a comfortable temperature. You can choose to sit down or even lay down during this process whichever makes you most comfortable. It is incredibly important that you do not cross your legs during the hypnosis relaxation process.

Now sit or lie down and close your eyes. You should then take several slow, deep and soothing breaths; you should be taking in air from the nose and release the air through your mouth. Think in your mind the word relax every time you take in and release air.

Another method to implement is to picture yourself at the bottom of a set of stairs that has a doorway at the top. With every step you take as you ascend up the stairs you should start to begin to feel like a bigger and bigger sense of relaxation. This can be hard to get the hang of at first but as you practice you will be getting better and better. As soon as you have reached the top of the stairway then you can open the door.

As the door opens you should be looking at a place that is utter a total relaxation. It could be a gorgeous castle, a beautiful well maintained garden with bright sunny weather. You should decide on the most relaxing destination that you can think of as you want to make sure that you choose the most charming and relaxing place that you can think of.

As soon as you have chosen the most relaxing place that you picture you will want to fill your senses with everything around you. You should enjoy all of the colors and sounds and just immerse yourself in the entire world that you have created in your self relaxation hypnosis. Are there beautiful flowers to smell? Can you run through some crystal clear waters and run your hand over sea shells and neat looking rocks. You want your imagination make your relaxation destination as real as you possibly can to get the best relaxation effects.

Next in the self relaxation hypnosis process is that you should take your time and enjoy every last aspect of the scene that has been created in your mind. Once you get to that “Happy Place” if you will you want feel like you have spent enough time there to have fully relieved the stress of your day. You may not have a lot of time to do this everyday but you will see benefits no matter how long you are able to relax and how often you are able to use your self relaxation hypnosis.

Now there you go, you are able to equip yourself with all that you need to start removing some of the stress of your daily life. If you are suffering from really bad stress and anxiety then learning self relaxation hypnosis can be a way to manage your stress levels and assist in relaxing yourself during times of stress that may come along in your life.

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