Many times we hear people say that they will never get on well in life because they are not from the right side of town. We hear people blame the way that they were reared as a reason for them to repeat the mistakes thrust upon them or worse. But we need to realise that we do not have to let the situations that had control of us in the past have control of us in the future.

As creatures that are
dependent on others much of our young lives, there are a few things we don’t have control of.

• Our genetics. (We do not decide who our parents are and what makes up our body)
• Our young environment. (As dependents, you trust that the guidance you are being given is the right path for your life.

Everything else is within our control, and we are responsible for how our life turns out. It is not always the case that our loving family members are the best people to encourage us to thrive in life. This is not always in a malicious manner either. Our carers mostly mean well as they guide us through major decisions. It is through a genuine meaning of concern for your success in life that you could be told that you should never try to go beyond your social standing. God forbid you actually break away and actually do well. Always be assured though that when you are really doing well, your family will be proud as punch. So if you do decide to go against the grain then the rewards could be much better for you than if you tried to keep in by the wall and mind the busses as the old saying went.

Imagine if your environment was a pot of water which is slowly going on the boil. You will not feel uncomfortable, but you will actually be cooked alive without noticing it. Don’t blame anyone or anything for the environment you find yourself in right now. Whatever situation you are in right now is the one you have accepted or have settled for. If your dreams and aspirations are being held down by your environment, then decide to be a rebel and take a step out of line towards your potential.

Do Chara,
Paul Oliver O'Leary

Author's Bio: 

Paul Oliver O'Leary has ridden the rodeo of life and survived. After having had his own business at 21, he ended up running along with the rest of the herd. Working in 3 jobs trying to support his family. Now on his third business things have clicked for him. Also he is the author of the ebook "How To Fill Your Friends List On Facebook" which is available on . He is available for one to one or group sessions either in person, skype or facebook.