Why is it that while the world is hurtling toward catastrophe the front pages of our newspapers only register the most superficial happens on this planet? Surely if there is to be one time of the year that has the power and ability to awaken our spiritual beings, it is the birthday of the man who has provided more meaning than most to this planet? However this birth lays claim to little or no media coverage in this day of superficiality. The birth however of a child to a man who can sing, dance or act about the human condition bears much greater relevance to our lives, apparently. Elton John can sing songs to Princesses about Candles, however the man who bought everlasting light to the planet is forgotten. Is it true we are still asking is there a God?

I too in my superficial corner prefer to pre-occupy my thoughts with the marriage break-up of Katy Perry and the crazy but hilariously funny Englishman, considered a God. I’m less inclined to read the newspaper and will more readily spend my time perusing a fashion magazine, but oh the meaninglessness! Watching the World News may be considered more thought provoking and real than an obsession with the fake lives of the rich and famous but at least it doesn’t depress me like reality does.

The local news screams of the horrendous road toll over the Christmas period. ‘Life’ has made us too tired, too sad and too angry to be careful of ourselves and others. We’re all too manic and selfish and distracted. The summer has bought the drowning’s of our children as parents and guardians are more interested in consuming alcohol than keeping an eye on their offspring. Around the world Iran is nuclear testing, Iraq is at war, New York City is in disarray with ongoing protests in Occupy Wall Street, ethnic violence is ongoing and rampant in many parts of Africa, not to mention the ever increasing AIDS epidemic and famine. A rare disease, causing death, has potentially broken out in Australia—thank god their an island on their own, I don’t think the rest of the world could handle any more crisis at the moment.

So no wonder our worried souls are driven toward happy, superficial distraction. The world is a mess and there’s no hope. Or so I thought!

In one of my angst driven Google Searches about the plight of the planet I searched ‘is there a God’? The question was not faith or religiously motivated, more exasperatedly driven in a ‘surely, dear God, please, Is there a God, please, is there hope on this desperately flailing land?’ And, not one to be considerate of divine beings but the heavens did open on this day, for I stumbled across the World Transformation Movement. Finally I found the answer, in fact all the answers. I implore anyone that has lost hope in the world, that is helpless and worried, that too is loosing all meaning because grasping at reality is also bringing you handful of despair. I’ll quote their website in the hope of making you hopeful too: “Yes, finding understanding of our dark, human-condition-afflicted, meaning of life-defying state makes us ‘whole’ again, as Jung said it would. To quote Professor Harry Prosen, a former president of the Canadian Psychiatric Association, on this dreamed-of, greatest of all breakthroughs in science: ‘I have no doubt this biological explanation of the human condition is the holy grail of insight we have sought for the psychological rehabilitation of the human race.’”

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Francis Branson love to blog, to read and research, and her dog Monty. Check out this write up to get you wondering about life! Further relevant and interesting reading is also available at the Canadian Psychiatric Association.