I Feel Like Me and My Husband Are Roommates: My Husband and I Are Living Like Roommates - Why Do Things Feel Forced With My Husband

Do you feel neglected and alone because your husband isn't showing you the affection you deserve? It's not easy to go through such an experience. If the level of affection towards you has decreased, it clearly shows that the quality of the relationship is declining and it might end in a bitter way. But don't fret about it.

If you feel that your husband isn't giving you the attention you deserve, don't get scared that he might leave you. If you love him and would like to make him show his love for you, you can do it. It's possible... The power is in your hands. Your man has lost the attraction towards you. If you want him to pay more attention towards you, you need to regain that attraction.

If you are willing to do the right things that will make him feel attracted to you, you will naturally regain his interest and bring back the lost spark in the relationship.

Here are sure fire ways to make your husband be more affectionate with you...

Accept him completely...

I've noticed one common mistake among all women who tend to screw up their relationships with men. They set standards and expect men to behave in certain ways. And when their man doesn't respond the way they want him to, they get disappointed and hurt. When this happens on a repeated basis, they start to nag him. They act desperate and do various things that screw the relationship up in a lot of ways.

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But the most interdependent and effective paradigm any woman can adopt is the attitude of accepting everything. It doesn't matter how you want your man to be. But just completely accept him for who he is without any complaints. Once you do that, you can actually change things. If he makes any mistakes, just say, "Its okay". Don't nag him and complain to him. It breaks trust in the relationship.

Get a man's perspective...

The best thing a wife can do in a failing marriage is to get a double perspective. If your husband doesn't understand you and isn't paying any attention to you, it's because he feels that he isn't understood. Don't assume that you understand him. If you truly understood him, you'll actually have more influence and power over your man than you can imagine.

If you want to be understood and cared for your husband, you must first seek to understand. Get a genuine desire to learn his perspective. Take a troubling situation and look at it from a third party perspective and from his perspective. Do this exercise every single day. Ask questions and have him talk things out.

If a man feels truly understood by a woman, he will naturally begin to shower more love and attention towards that woman. When a man isn't understood by his wife and a woman outside the marriage understands him, he tends to cheat. But if you are proactive and take the steps to truly understand his needs, desires and fears, you'll have more control over the relationship.

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It doesn't matter how long you've been married - it could be anywhere form a few short months to many years, or anywhere in between. What matters now is that your marriage has fallen on hard times, and you're not exactly sure what you can do to make it better. Here are 3 tips to help you save your marriage.

Go somewhere where you can sit and think. Think about your marriage, from the very start up until now. Think about the good times and bad, and stay as honest with yourself as possible. When times weren't so good, what was wrong? And what was done to make them better? Are these same things wrong right now? If so, try to find different solutions. Coming up with different ways to fix problems gives you much better chances of saving your marriage.

By looking into these problems, you will be able to see where they started from. By dealing with problems when they are small, you can easily solve them. If you wait until the problems get bigger, they will be less easy to deal with. But remember that any problem can be dealt with, and remedied.

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Be sure you are giving each other the attention that you need. Sometimes, after couples get married, they start to fall into a comfort zone, and not pay as much attention to the other's feelings. This is a very common problem in many marriages. Take some time out each day to tell each other how much you love the other, and make an effort to show each other how much you appreciate one another. This will go a long way in saving your marriage!

If at all possible, make special time just for the two of you to spend together. if you have kids, see if a close friend or relative can watch them for a night or two. You don't have to go away, or spend a lot of money to do this, you can enjoy time together at home. A nice quiet dinner, followed by a movie, or talking to each other will reintroduce the spark that your marriage once had.

Little by little, you will begin to see your marriage rebuilding, and your relationship will become stronger than it ever was before.

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Upon finding your relationship with your spouse becoming more and more distant, and with the feeling of divorce becoming ever so imminent, you may notice yourself seriously wondering - Can I Save My Marriage?

Continue reading if you'd like to discover some helpful insights about how to increase your chances of Saving Your Marriage.

You can expect to be able to Save Your Marriage should you:

Take Appropriate Action

By neutralizing marital issues once they occur, they are less likely to multiplying into similar occurrences in the future.

You need to keep effective communication alive in your relationship, and especially pay close attention to all the small things too. As these are very often the problems you have to deal with later on which escalate into larger issues and cause most divorces.

Get Professional Help

When you get the sudden urge to call upon the aid of a trained marriage professional to help set your marriage straight, do not despair, it could well be a decision that you will later be glad to have made.

With their vast range of knowledge and expertise they can likely provide assistance in straightening out any marital problems you have been encountering.

At times, having the added support of an outside source can clearly direct you through all those challenges you may face in your marital life and zap much of the unnecessary tension away.

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Give Up Some Things Which You Enjoy

To show them how much they truly mean to you, make it known to your partner that whatever is a priority to them, is also equally as important to you.

Putting your marriage's priority above everything else, may involve making the necessary sacrifices.

Having to abandon your current cherished residence and uplift your family elsewhere due to the demands of a new job proposition, can be an awful lot for your partner to accept, and having considered their concerns, their feelings and how it will effect them, letting this current opportunity go might be what's best for your relationship.

With the same token, mutual understanding must also be given if your partner is required to travel for work or business purposes some weeks throughout the year.

Don't Try to Change Your Spouse

So, you're still wondering to yourself, "Can I Save My Marriage?"

Waiting impatiently for your other half to alter a particular trait you find which repeals you can be a common practice in a relationship. This does not aid in the future happiness of your relationship together. For things to change, you need to first be willing to change the way you see them. Meaning, don't fixate solely on what poor qualities they posses hoping that they will indeed change their wrongful ways. What's more effective is for you to appreciate their positive attributes instead.

Try To Make It Work Together

Finally, if you're really intent on rescuing your marriage, then both of you need to be willing and able to work together as a team with mutual understanding and commitment to achieve the same common objective of creating a long lasting marriage.

If your spouse is not trying to do their part to help maintain your relationship, then there's very little you will be able to do to salvage the relationship.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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What men want is a woman who is easy going and fun, for lack of a better word. The best way to have fun in any stage of the relationship is to play hard to get. Why is this so important and how do you actually go about doing this?

It's all about lacing it into your everyday contact. If one of you regularly picks the other one up, here's something you can do that my girlfriend and I do all the time: whenever I pick up my girlfriend from work, I deliberate with myself whether I should just drop her off and let her go to bed (she sometimes does 10-hour shifts).

It's not really a question of who decides it, it's just something we both intuitively know. Even though I might want to let her rest, she knows I want to come inside. So, she hesitantly says, "Well OK... goodnight then..." while looking at me expectantly.

So I come in.

You know what I mean? Doing this won't ignite your relationship in a passionate burst of love-making, though it will slowly but surely lead up to it by keeping things warm and cozy. It's also used to gauge how much a man does care for you.

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When I'm in bed with her snuggling, she deliberately tests me sometimes. We know you ladies like testing us fellas, to see if we care. My girlfriend often talks about other guys, past crushes, ex's, etc., just to try me. I get out of bed abruptly, pretending to be fed up. My girl will hold me down and keep me next to her.

So that's how guys can play hard to get (even though I'm in a relationship with her). There are heaps of ways you can do this. It's just about looking at your current situation and turning it into something fun.

The key here is to try and take away something that the other person wants, even if you don't have control over it. You have some power over it, to some extent (whatever your man does, you do have to let him do it, right?). Make sure that it's fun and light-hearted. There are times where it has to be serious, but when you're playing hard to get, that isn't the right time.

Once you get good at this, you can turn the littlest of things into games where you're gently coaxing your man to work that much harder for it. Make him play the game, he will love you more as a result.

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