My Husband Says He Has No Feelings For Me: I'm Pretty Sure My Husband Hates Me

Does it seem like your marriage is losing its spark? Maybe it feels like the love isn't there anymore. This happens to the best of marriages, and it is also very easy to fix. Below, you will find some helpful tips to help you to bring the loving feelings back into your marriage.

Not too long ago, I used to feel like my marriage was in a black hole - every day it was the same exact thing. It's depressing! It's very hard to feel loved when there is so much boredom in your relationship!

So, where has the love you felt so strongly for each other gone? The love IS still there - sometimes, when we are married, couples get used to each other always being there. They forget to show (or tell) each other how much they love each other. It is very common, and a lot of times it is mistaken for one spouse falling out of love with the other.

Think outside of the box for a second. Have you ever ASKED your spouse why they fell in love with you? In ten years of marriage, I never thought about this. What exactly brought us together in the first place, and how did we know that we were meant to be together forever?

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You may be surprised how such a simple question can open up so many new doors for the two of you. When he tells you what made him fall in love with you, be sure to tell him why you fell in love with him.

What did you do or way to make your husband fall in love with you? Was it something specific, or just by being yourself? (I can almost guarantee it is the second choice.) If you always complimented him when you were dating, try doing it again. You'd be amazed at the results!

Remembering the beginning of your relationship is one of the best ways I can think of to bring back lost love in a marriage. By stirring up the feeling of new love, you will start to feel it again. Take a minute just to tell your husband that you love him. Don't be surprised to see that twinkle in his eyes again, with just those few words.

When is the last time you sat by him, when watching tv? Or gave him a hug or kiss - not when leaving for work, but for no reason, other than he is there? These little things, that may seem too easy to actually work, make such a huge impact on relationships - especially marriages.

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Do you feel as if you're the only one making an effort to save your marriage?

The idea of saving your marriage by yourself is a completely unrealistic idea, although various people refuse to acknowledge that truth.

Although listed below, are some tips on how you might be able to save your marriage alone.

Once taking in to account the underlying problems which exist in your marriage, and noticing the absence, of proper communication, you may have luck working on your own communication skills to improve your marriage.

You need to consider if there are things that you might be keeping from your partner. You may love them dearly, but for whatever the reason have been reluctant to inform them of some of the particular marital issues that are hounding you. If you are finding it easier to turn to others than discuss these personal issues with your significant other, they are not to blame.

If your lack of personal expression for your spouse has little to do with your partners actions or non actions, but more to do with yourself, then you have control of the situation and is up to you to make the essential changes.

There's still a chance to save the marriage alone if you start to change the way you are dealing with your own issues. Holding onto past anger will only kill your chances to Save Your Marriage Alone, instead try to recall a pleasant point in your relationship when you felt most cheerful.

Bear in mind, that times will be strenuous for you to steer your relationship back on the right track if your spouse is not a willing participant.

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Although sometimes there isn't any hope for a marriage, and this is a brutal fact which you must come to grips with.

If you have caught wind that your partner has cheated on you with someone else, and if you see a chance that the relationship can still survive, it will then require commitment from both parties to making it work..

Cheating on a spouse can become a nasty habit, which can be difficult to stop once it has started, and the problems that played a crucial factor in it's development, still remain a part of the relationship and simply can't be ignored any longer.

As hard as it can be, there are certain circumstances you will have to accept that make it impossible for you to save your marriage alone.

The longer your problems have been around, the harder it will be to save the marriage alone. If the two of you are clinging to resentment and anger from past battles, it can be a difficult journey alone.

Examine yourself carefully and recognize if any of your feelings or behaviors can be fixed by you to save your marriage.

Remember, though, that if your willingness to change and work on the relationship is not met by equal cooperation from your spouse, more resentment will build up within you.

A lot of times when people don't talk, there are misunderstandings, so in order to keep your relationship strong, you and your spouse both need to communicate openly and honestly with each other.

Are you tired of living in a relationship in which you feel neglected? Many married people find themselves feeling alone and rejected by their spouse. If you feel taken for granted, there's a way to change that now.

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I've got all of the hottest ways that you can put the fire back into your marriage and to really amp up your sex life! Girlfriends, you ready to take a trip with me on how to keep your marriage hot and how you can teach your fella a thing or two?

Communicate Your Wants

We're girls, half of the time we have no idea what we want - or it changes five seconds after we want it! If you really want your fella to spice up things in the bedroom, you've got to pin down what you want outta him - and he's gotta pin down what he wants out of you too! Gals, communication is key to any relationship and keeping the lines of communication open in your relationship is vital if you are really going to keep your relationship super hot and oh-so-spicy!

Keep an Open Mind

Another trick that you've got to keep up is keeping a really open mind. Now, if he's suggesting things that are completely out of your comfort zone, you've got to know where to draw the line, but why not try some new things? Why not see if you can indulge your man in a fantasy or two? Who knows, maybe you'll find something that you both love but had no idea! Give it a try and really make sure that your mind is completely open and that maybe, you push the envelope a little bit!

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Don't Knock it Until You Try it

Now, I know what you are probably thinking, but where I am going with this is not where you are thinking. Have you ever indulged your husband in a fantasy that both of you share? Has he been asking you to do it a little rough, but you haven't been able to bring yourself to do it? Why not spice up your sex life a little bit? Don't knock it until you try it gals! Behind closed doors, as long as you are both comfortable, anything should go!

Love Notes

Finally, have you ever left little notes for your lover? Maybe in his lunch pail or even texted him some little sexy notes? This is a great way to get him all reared up for when he comes home. It also lets him know exactly what mood you are in and exactly what you want outta him when he gets home.

So gals, these are just a couple different ways that you can really get yourself out of the sexual rut and to really keep your marriage hot and spicy. Your marriage shouldn't be something that is easy, it's something that you've got to work at and these are just a few tips to help you along! So - how do you keep your marriage hot and spicy? Share with me!

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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What men want is to be touched and to touch. We might not show it, but us guys do like it when you go and take the initiative to show that you care about us through subtle touching, especially in public. Of course, letting us return the favor helps reinforce things.

I don't know about other guys, I can only vouch for myself, but to me, it's all the little, subtle touches that count. I really do appreciate my girlfriend, so I always get a buzz when she slides her hand neatly into my mine when we're strolling, out and about.

Tilting her head and touching my shoulder when we're together, with friends, is also something she's good at, to show me that she's thinking about me.

Even something as simple as putting her hand on my leg under the table when we're out eating with friends. I reckon most guys would feel some warmth just from having a girl that does that.

It shouldn't be a surprise that touching demonstrates closeness. That's the primary purpose of touching in a relationship. Touching shows that the bond between you and your partner is pretty tight and that you share a special bond.

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So what if you're with a guy who doesn't like to be touched (pretty rare)? It's actually better for you ladies, because you can "train" your men to enjoy it. Just do the simple touches, like on the shoulder, the leg, the waist, whatever it is, but take it away after just a moment. Make it very brief, like less than 5 seconds long.

He'll start noticing it sooner or later and will want you to leave it there longer and longer. He'll get more and more comfortable with it and if he's into you, will start initiating the touching too.

It does sound stupid, but think about it. If you haven't been initiating these simple ways of maintaining a connection with your man, why do you think you feel so distant from him? Physically going out to touch someone, even if it is just for a moment is one of the easiest things to do, yet so few people do it.

Physical touch is essentially an extension of body language. If your man doesn't get touched by you often, he might sense that you're trying to withdraw from him a bit. That will make him do the same thing. Always initiate with physical touch for that connection before going for connection via communication.

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