My Husband Says He Has No Feelings For Me: I'm Pretty Sure My Husband Hates Me

Why does my husband hate me? You likely feel very alone asking this but surprisingly, many women feel the very same way you do. They reach a point in their marriage where they start to wonder why their spouse dislikes them so. It's understandable why you may be questioning whether or not your marriage has any chance of surviving. If you love your husband, despite the fact that he seems not to care for you, there are ways to turn the relationship around. It all begins by gaining some insight into what your spouse really feels for you.

As women we often try and read between the lines of our husband's behavior. If he's moody or distant we take that on and blame ourselves. It's not uncommon for a woman who is living with a temperamental man to believe he has stopped loving her. If he's not saying it anymore or acting as though he doesn't care, it's easy to see why you'd jump to that conclusion.

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Take a good, long look at your husband's life in general. You need to consider what goes on beyond the limits of your relationship. Is he struggling with work issues? Has he been having conflict with friends or family members? Is he dealing with health problems? Anything like this can change the way a man interacts with his wife. Men tend to hold their emotions inside and then direct that frustration at the person they feel closest to. In this case, that's you.

You may be misreading your husband's dislike of you. Perhaps he's just feeling overwhelmed by what's going on in his life. Maybe you two have been arguing over something for some time and it's finally wearing him down. Your job right now is to try and look past your own hurt feelings and see what your husband is dealing with.

If a man feels that his wife has stopped being emotionally supportive, he'll retreat into himself. That behavior will often be misinterpreted. That may actually be happening within your marriage right now. It's a vicious emotional circle that begins when one partner feels the other isn't there for them. Then their partner picks up on the disconnection and before long they both believe the other doesn't care.

Take the initiative here and start treating your husband the way you want him to treat you. Marriages are partnerships and quite often when one person reaches out, the other will follow suit. Let go of any past resentment you may be holding onto and just try and focus on his positive qualities. If you make a strong effort to be compassionate and loving with your husband you'll see a noticeable change in how he treats you too. Sometimes we have to steer our marriage the direction we want it to go.

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Marriage is as stressful today as it ever has been. Economic and social pressures, families, careers etc all can take a toll on a marriage that has not been properly cared for. It happens slowly and naturally over time and is usually not any one partners fault. It takes both to create a marriage and ultimately will take both to make it last. So you ask "my husband wants a divorce; what can I do right now to save my marriage?" There is plenty you can do and it can save your marriage even without your husband's active participation.

First of all, there are a number of critical mistakes that many women make when confronted with a divorce that they don't want. If you have not done any of these, great, if you have please avoid doing them anymore:

1. Arguing with your husband that he doesn't have a valid reason for wanting the divorce.

2. Begging and pleading with him to give the marriage one more chance

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3. Apologizing for everything you can think of

4. Crying and trying to make him feel guilty

5. Threats of any kind (revenge, suicide, taking the kids away etc)

6. Calling, texting or emailing him

7. Searching through his things for signs of infidelity or accusing him of infidelity

When my wife told me a few years ago that she wanted a divorce I tried several of these tactics in a desperate attempt to get her to change her mind. I was trying anything I could to save the marriage! The problem with all of these things though, is they don't work. In fact, they make the problem worse. If you really want to push your husband away the above stuff will do it!

To give yourself the best chance to save your marriage, you need to be firmly in control. In addition, there are certain things you need to do and say and certain ways you will need to behave to create the change you desire. I have heard of divorces literally being called off the day they were to be finalized by using these ideas!

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But if you think the marriage is worth it. That you want to repair marriage in your lives, then it's time to make dramatic changes. Here is how you repair marriage when your relationship is near destruction point --

1. Ask yourself and your spouse if you want to save the marriage.
2. Do a complete, honest, surgical evaluation of what is wrong with the marriage.
3. Decide whether you can right what's wrong, or not.

Chances are, if you are on the edge of divorce, you both will not have the ability or the skill to turn things around. It can get pretty complex -- you probably hate each other by now, you can't talk without screaming at each other, you can't stand to be in the same room.

The smart thing to do is get a professional counselor or therapist involved, an objective third-party. Most marriages that get saved despite nearing divorce got help from such experts. But therapy is expensive. For a start, you can get e-courses or ebooks written by the very same experts online at a more affordable price.

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I often hear from wives who feel like they can't quite trust their husband during the trial separation. Since they don't live under the same roof anymore, they can't keep a continuous eye on him. And since they can't keep an eye on him, they have to trust him for reliable information. Unfortunately, sometimes he acts in such a way that the wives doubt his reliability. And they can begin to wonder if he has ulterior motives.

I heard from a wife who said: "I will admit that I was plenty mad at my husband in the beginning of our separation, but I never really thought that we would end our marriage. I thought he would go and have his time and then come back because he realized that he was mostly being silly. But now that we have been separated for about four weeks, I feel like he is manipulating me. When he wants something or when he knows he's going to be doing something that I'm not going to like, suddenly he is nice to me. For example, he wanted to take the kids half way across the country during the school year to go back to visit friends in his hometown. Frankly, I know that the trip was just for him to have fun and goof off. He dragged the kids along so it would appear that he had legitimate reasons. Here's another example. He took me out to dinner to tell me that he was going back to school even though we can't really afford it. He announced it like it was this wonderful thing, even though we hadn't discussed it. When he doesn't haven't any motive or plan, he's pretty nasty to me and he doesn't go out of his way to see me. But when he has something that he wants to do or he has a little scheme in the back of his mind, suddenly he is calling me and being nice. This has really become a problem. I want to be happy when he calls. I want to enjoy my time with him without being suspicious but he makes it difficult. I need for things to go well between us when we are together, but I now I feel the need to always be on my guard. What can I do?"

The wife was probably right in her suspicions that the current situation was not conducive to a reconciliation. So she needed to address this so that every time her husband reached out to her, she wasn't so guarded that she turned him away.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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Make Sure That Your Perceptions Are Accurate: First, I would suggest taking some inventory and looking very closely to make sure that your perceptions are accurate. Was it fair to say that every single time that he was nice to her there was an ulterior motive? It might help to make a list of any recent nice gestures and then to also list what was behind it. You might see that he indeed reached out in a kind or pleasant way without expecting anything in return. But if you take an honest inventory and find out that your suspicions were correct, then it might be time to discuss this.

How To Make Your Husband Aware Of This Without Making Him Guarded: The last thing that you want is for your husband to become as guarded as you currently feel. But if you become accusatory or bring this up in a tone that sounds very angry, you run the real risk of him not wanting to reach out to you in a kind way again for fear that you will take it in the wrong way. So, you have to be very careful about how you approach this, while at the same time being aware that you need to just be honest so that you can hopefully remove this obstacle.

So the next time that you find your husband reaching out or appearing nice, don't expect the worst right away. Give him a chance to prove you wrong at first. If he in fact does come forward with a motive, then you might say something like "oh brother, and here I thought you were just going to deliver good news without anything behind it. I love it when you're happy and sweet. I love it when you reach out to me and you're smiling. But it seems that lately, every time this happens, you have some sort of request that follows it. Please don't take this the wrong way. I don't want to make you defensive. It's just that I know how important it is for us to make real progress right now. So I really want for us to have some happy times together where there is nothing but us. Will you promise me that the next time you approach me like this, we can just enjoy ourselves without worrying about anything else?'

Then, just listen. Your husband might give you legitimate reasons for what you are seeing. Try not to sound too judgemental. You don't want for him to be hesitant to continue to reach out to you.

Also, you might want to consider reaching out to him. Be nice to him without any expectations so that he feels more comfortable reciprocating. Because you don't want to allow this process (and the reservations that come along with it) to make either of you hesitate to reach out to or to show love or kindness to one another.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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