I Haven't Spoken To My Husband In A Month: How To Influence Your Husband To Talk

"My husband doesn't communicate with me anymore." This is a problem a lot of wives have. It's not in men's nature to talk openly about their feelings and problems. But when this goes to the extreme and your husband literally shuts himself down, you start feeling alone and start worrying about the future of your marriage, and your life. It is time to act!

While men don't usually have it in their nature to talk openly about their feelings, it's not usually to the point that they rarely speak to you anymore. If your husband doesn't communicate anymore, you have to understand the reasons behind this. One very common reason is that your husband just feels stable and comfortable. He thinks things are going just fine the way they are, and doesn't feel the need to talk a lot. But you, as his loving wife; don't feel that way. You want him to talk about how much he loves you and adores you, you want him to talk about things that are happening in his life.

You have to just make him understand that you need the communication. Say it in a positive way, though, not negative: Don't say "you don't communicate with me anymore and I hate this." Just say "I love it when you talk to me about what's in your mind, talk to me about your job, your life, your problems." Men can be incredible in this respect - sometimes they just have no idea that talking about their life would make you feel better. Once your husband learns this, he will start communicating again.

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Another reason why you might be in the "my husband doesn't communicate with me anymore" situation is that your husband is just tired of fighting. Is this the case - do you two fight a lot? If you do, your husband might be thinking that if he opens his mouth, it's inevitably going to lead into a fight; and he wants to avoid fighting and straining the relationship even further. If you think this is the case, make it very clear to him that you don't want a fight, and whenever he has a problem with something he should open up. Encourage him to share his problems. Promise him that you will not take them personally and you will not start a fight.

It's usually the smallest things and details in married life that make the biggest difference. Just talk to him, ask him about his life, how his work has been going, or about things he likes. This will make him feel more valued, and it might just be the thing that opens him up and reconnects the two of you.

Even if both spouses love each other sincerely, at times they might find themselves getting more and more distant from each other and getting close to a divorce. But like me, you too can take some steps into saving your marriage and turning it into a satisfying relationship.

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When marriage conflicts get to the point where your relationship appears to be in ruins, and your bond as a couple only seems to crumble, the most likely solution to ease the tension is to lean towards having a divorce. But, if divorce is is by far the last thing that you're after, you may be serious in seeking ways in how to stop a divorce.

With the feeling of desperation looming over, you'll find the following tips quite enlightening in your efforts to stop a divorce.

A Vital Element is Communication

Communication is certainly one of the most important attributes of creating and sustaining a fun loving relationship which will last the test of time. Therefore, if a marriage is to be saved, proper communication mustn't be forgotten within your relationship.

Ideally, your talks together should consist of everyday challenges you each encounter in your relationship, and constructively begin to discuss how you might go about solving them as a couple.

The truth is it's easy for couples to overlook this, and what little conversations they share together are often small and somewhat irrelevant.

You need to make it painstakingly clear to your spouse what your feelings are about certain matters in your relationship.

Without the prior knowledge of what specific things sparked the troubles you currently experience, you and your partner are going to find it next to impossible to save the marriage and stop the divorce.

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Ears Are Powerful Tools to Communicate With

Showing very little concern in what your spouse has to say and instead, rambling on about your own wants and needs, only translates to total lack of respect for your spouse and your relationship.

Try to be fair, and prove to them how interested your are in what they have to say by being a brilliant listener.

Chances are, if you are undergoing a rough period trying to hold your marriage intact, your spouse will find it much the same, that's why in order to fix whatever issues which exist, you must gain more of an overall understanding of what's really been troubling them as well.

Make it clear to provide each other with the opportunity to share whatever's on your minds, and in the process be sure to maintain the utmost respect, and refrain from any judgmental behavior towards the other. This will enable you to work towards reestablishing your marital relationship more effectively.

Focus on Success

The mere fact that you both have made a conscious decision to plow through any present challenges and ensure the marriage works, without surrendering to any of the obstacles and hardship in which marriages face, will immediately skyrocket the odds of your marriage's success.

Sadly however, in particular cases that steam from serious abuse, infidelity and fraud, there's no substitute that's suitable but to cut off all ties from one another.

But, if your relationship does not involve the symptoms of that above, then by firmly believing that divorce is not on the tables will immediately reinforce your efforts of marital salvation.

Hard unwavering non-stop effort, with shared respect and responsibility, will be the light that guides your marriage through the turbulent waters to eventually reaching the calm bright blue ocean...

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Go back in time to when you were first married. The two of you were so much in love. Life was wonderful. Your dreamed of all of the good times that lay ahead for you.

All of a sudden, you find yourself fighting to save this marriage. Marriage isn't at all what you thought it was going to be. The love that was once so new and grand is now a thing of the past.

You, like a lot of other people, have found yourself unhappy in your marriage. This could have started soon after you got married, or it could be years later. It seems like you're sleeping with a stranger - this just isn't the person you married!

It doesn't have to be this way! Even though you sometimes feel like all hope is lost, IT'S NOT! You CAN find yourselves as much as in love with each other as you were when you were first married!

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I'm sure you've heard how important communication is, in a marriage. Find out what is causing the problems in your marriage, and talk about them. Be as honest with each other as possible. Marriage consists of compromises. Two people cannot live as one without compromising. It will never work.

Both of you should make a list of what you think the problem or problems are in your marriage. After that, make a list of things that you enjoy about each other. Exchange the lists, and see what you can both do to come up with solutions.

Be sure to make physical contact often. Every little touch, while it doesn't seem like much, brings intimacy back into your marriage. A simple touch here, a kiss there, a hug for no reason at all, etc. The more you touch one another, the more you will feel that spark start to come back into your marriage.

As it took time for your marriage to get this bad, it will take some time to make it good again. But everything good in life is worth working for. You deserve a happy marriage! You had it once, you can have it again!

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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