My Husband Has Fallen Out Of Love With Me: My Husband Fell Out Of Love With Me Can I Get Him

The peak of most marriages are their beginning. A great wedding ceremony, and a honeymoon like a dream - newlywed couples have got it the best. However, it doesn't continue like that, and reality sinks in - sometimes it makes you wonder if your husband still loves you. And if you come to the conclusion that he doesn't love you anymore, you'll be asking "how can I make my husband love me again?"

Making your husband love you again starts with realizing where things went wrong. Backtrack in your memory to try to understand where you first saw a sign that your husband didn't love you anymore. Start writing about it too if you want - it'll help you keep your mind and memories organized. What was the first thing that made you think your husband fell out of love with you?

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How Can I Make My Husband Love Me Again

The answer to this question is better given by focusing on yourself. Throughout life we all change - but our essence remains the same. If, however, you've been acting like that essence in you has changed, it will make him think he married a woman and ended up having to live with another.

The most common case of this occurs when a woman gets engrossed in family related things, like taking care of children, cooking, keeping the house etc. This makes you look like you have lost that independent spirit you once had - the one that your husband married. You have to understand that this is a "mother" figure, not a "wife". This was the key to making my husband love me again when my own marriage was failing.

Invoke that independent spirit in you that enjoys life - no man wants a wife that is completely dependent upon her husband.

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You keep looking for an answer to 'How can I save my marriage?', and are starting to think that all hope is lost. Stop thinking like that right now! You have already taken the first step! You are trying to learn how to save your marriage, and this is the hardest step there is! Now, to take the next steps...

Every Marriage Has Problems

Every marriage that ever was has had its own share of problems. That what makes a marriage! You made a vow to each other that you would stay together through good times AND BAD, remember? Now that you have hit some bad times, it does take some work to get through it. But you CAN get through it!

Find the Source of the Problem

The next step to take when trying to save your marriage is to find the root of the problem. Talk to your partner. Ask them what they think is wrong in your marriage. Look at it from their point of view, and you may just discover that it varies from yours. If you can't talk to them, then try to think of things from their perspective. While this won't work as well as talking, it will open some other options for you.

Once you have found out the reasons for the problem(s), you can now work on resolving them.

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Fix the Problem

This is easier said than done, but it CAN be done. You have to put some effort into it, and the first try may not be successful, but by being persistent and trying different things, you WILL find out what works!

What Makes A Strong Marriage?

Mutual trust and communication are the key factors to every stable marriage. Learning how to communicate with your partner will open up new doors in your marriage. Communication builds strong bonds between the two of you. When these bonds are built, you will both feel a new sense of happiness and security with each other.

Act on this advice, and see if it doesn't help your marriage. Right now, you are feeling sad, angry, confused, etc. This is all normal. But by learning how to deal with problems that arise in marriages, you will feel those feelings less and less. You CAN save your marriage, and you CAN start right now!

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Check with anybody who is in a fully committed long-term marriage for the magic formula of their success. Invariably, amongst the top three factors reported is the capacity to have a good laugh with each other. Regardless of the size of the difficulties or the number of stumbling-blocks, these will be best handled by having a sense of humour, as well as the teamwork which comes out of shared fun and a mutually optimistic take on life.

Marriage help can present itself in a number of ways. Although some fun will cost you money: an amusement park, an excellent dinner out, a vacation to a casino, or perhaps that very funny new film, there are lots of enjoyable pursuits which will not cost you a dollar.

Give your spouse the gift of being a servant for a few days, like the essential master or mistress terminology, tugging your forelock, bowing or curtseying, as you back out of the room in your home. The result can be extremely amusing, particularly if carried into open public or in front of the children.

You can save your marriage in a number of ways.

For example, the two of you could call in unwell to your workplaces and play hooky...

- Spend time in the shopping mall just like truant secondary school sophomores.

- Devote more time to creating preposterous excuses you know you won't ever be capable of delivering using a straight face!

- If it's summer time, clean your car, (as well as one another!) in the front yard.

- Should it be wintertime, enjoy a snowball fight or go walking in the rain. Stroll along the beachfront or in the hills or amble through the city just window shopping.

- Sit back and watch television with each other: certainly not the tiresome news reports but out-of-date Seinfeld or Lucy reruns which can be equally as hilarious as when they were produced.

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- Look for tall tale web-sites or take some time at the drugstore simply looking at humorous greeting cards.

- Reminisce with each other about the experiences that occurred prior to you and the pleasurable moments you've experienced since you first grew to become an item.

- Take a foreign language course at a nearby adult university and make a decision that you'll merely speak in that vocabulary throughout the evening meal. If nothing else it'll definitely enhance your charades potential!

- Take an art course and have a good laugh at your unique ineptness with colouring and perspective.

- Take a coach or train journey and compose stories concerning other travellers.

- Sing Karaoke as well as having a good laugh at the most likely reaction your attempts would generate if you ever auditioned for "American Idol."

- Make-believe you've just met and experiment with a few boring pick up lines to discover each other's response.

Daily life can be so short and there are numerous issues that crop up and difficulties that need to be faced head on. Sometimes, we become weighed down from the obligations we have to carry plus the strength necessary to maintain our life on an even keel.

As adults, purposely planning "recess" times provides us with an escape from the everyday routine. Just as youngsters won't learn very well if they are deprived of an opportunity to venture out and have fun, grownups need a break too.

This permits us to get back to work re-energized and restored. The more often we put it into practice, the better it's going to become. Most of all the play time with our spouse intensifies our connection and can save your marriage. You can continue to keep our closeness alive and thriving through the years ahead.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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A wife is the complementary personality of her husband. She balances up his life; she is not his opposite for if she was to be his opposite it will mean that if the man is good, she will be bad and vice versa.

A wife is connected to her husband in all things and at all times. She is attached to her husband emotionally, sexually and otherwise. She is a gift to the man from God for it is written that "he who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord." (Proverbs 18:22). The wife should be there for the husband and family in generally.

A faithful wife adapts, Submits, respects and reverences her husband. She also notices her spouse, honours him and prefers him in all things. She is a blessing to her hubby! And can go all the way to esteem, praise, love and admire him exceedingly.

Man is the head of the union and four out of the five senses a human being is made up of are resident in the head. The sense to taste, see, hear, smell are all found in the head and only the sense of feeling is found in the body.

As such, the head does the bulk of the work in the union. He does the reasoning while the woman has the feeling.

A faithful wife does not usurp her husband's position; she carries her functions which is complimentary. She prays for her man; yielding to him always. She loves him, and adores him without reservation.

Marital relationship is what Christ and the Church share; the faithful wife always takes clue from how the Church relates with Christ.

It should be noted that men love and adore who they serve and who serves them but are always at logger heads with one on same plane with them. This is why the faithful wife always has her way with her husband because she serves her husband and does not try to rub shoulders with him.

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Remember that submission is not akin to slavery. In slavery, you are forced to do things; a slave has no will of her own. She is coerced into doing things whether she enjoys them or not.

Submission is done and born out of love and devotion. But, the faithful wife submits because she admires, adores and appreciates her husband excessively.

A faithful wife trusts her husband irrespective of stories, rumours, gossips and gist from the grapevine. She has and keeps building on her implicit trust in her husband. She believes in him and believes in him totally.

The faithful wife doesn't take things for granted, her dressing is gorgeous and moderate not immodest. She realizes she is married and not single; she dresses to portray honour and respect. Her husband is proud of her and expresses same.

She does not keep wrong companies rather she moves with people who influence her positively not those who encourage infidelity and unfaithfulness. She has no hidden secrets and agenda, her husband is uppermost in all her dealings.

The faithful wife is also a virtuous woman and a praying mother combined, she is a complete woman. She studies materials that are relevant to her relationship with her husband; she plans for the future with her husband. She does not drive her man into the waiting arms of the likes of Potiphar's wife. She is not moved by what the man drives but what drives the man. She cherishes and nourishes her times of intimacy with her husband; she holds back nothing in satisfying her man.

She is proud of who she married knowing that her husband is her glory and her shield. She does not discuss his weak points rather brings in her strength to complement those areas.

The faithful wife is a master communicator and a mind reader. She knows what her husband needs per time and does all she could to assuage his needs. The heart of her man indicts good matters concerning her, she blooms and blossoms because of her role and character. Amidst all charms and lures from detractors, she remains faithful.

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