I Want To Leave My Husband But Don't Know How: Leaving My Husband What Do I Do First

Why should you stay in a bad marriage when you can actually end and get out of a bad marriage? The reasons that people stay in a bad marriage is because they are afraid of changes. The fact is getting out of a bad marriage isn't any rocket science, it is all about the courage and determination to change.

How to know if you are in a bad marriage?

- Quarrelling and fights almost every day.
- Avoid to see each other.
- Don't feel like talking to each other.
- Detachment in the bond and feelings.
- Feel lonely and sad about the marriage.
- Don't like to have sex with your spouse anymore.

The list can go on and on. So, here is the main point. How to get out of a bad marriage?

I always advise couples to plan and work on the marriage first before thinking of getting a divorce because many couples regretted on having a divorce when the choice was done hastily.

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The first thing that you should do is to calm down your emotions and plan. If you want to get what you want, you need to also let your spouse realize the whole situation. It is only when both of you start to compromise, both parties will be able to realize their needs.

Sometimes, you will feel that giving up the marriage is probably a better choice. Start to recall and think of why both of you got together in the first place. What made you so sure that you want him or her to be your spouse? Maybe through the journey of your relationship, certain things went wrong. From there, you can list down the problems that you are facing and come out with different solutions to it.

Find a good time to discuss with your partner about the problems and to stop ending the marriage in divorce, both of you have to work out the problems together with respect for each other.

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There isn't a moment that goes by in your day that you're not thinking about what you need to do to save your marriage. You may have even begun to make a short list of things that you might have done wrong over the years and wish you could take back. But, regardless of how consumed you are right now of what went wrong and how your going to make things right, if ever, you can still save your marriage with a little bit of hard work and courage to do what's needed.

First of all, have you determined what your core or main issues are with your current marriage problems? Have you cheated or been involved in some sort of affair that has now jeopardized your marriage? This can be one of the hardest marriage problems to work through, just to be honest. If you have, than you have a long road ahead of you. You may not realize it yet or it hasn't quite set in the damage this has done to your marriage. You have betrayed the person who trusted you most, and that's a hard trust to get back, for that matter if your spouse will even have you back. Sometimes, cheating can never be overcome, and for good reason.

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If it isn't one of you who has cheated, then let's move on. Is it something that has outside influence over one of you that's causing your marriage problems? This can be a number of things. This can be one spouse who is working too much or has a boss that is extra demanding of your spouses time. A spouse who let's others dictate their actions or behavior like friends or family. "You always act that way or treat me like that when you're around so and so". If this is the case, then let's put into perspective whose relationship you value most. This isn't to say that you should choose, but rather you should take steps to change the dynamics of this situation. Recognize how you behave around those people and change it so it doesn't continue to disrupt what could be an otherwise happy marriage. This is really an easier marriage problem to work through, as you have control to change it.

Are there deeper issues at play here? Have you been neglecting your spouse, not giving them the attention they need or recognizing their fair share in the say so in the relationship? Are you continuously misinterpreting one another or taking each other the wrong way? Does one of your pasts continue to haunt you or dictate your decisions today? These kinds of marriage problems are more easily manageable. Sometimes a little bit of personal counseling or couples exercises can help resolve these and similar issues pretty fast. There isn't any reason to lose hope.

You see, many times we make our marriage problems out to be more difficult to solve than they should. It has a lot to do with misunderstanding one another that often escalates things beyond what we consider to be easily manageable. If you haven't cheated on your spouse or one of you isn't physically abusive, then your marriage issues have a much stronger chance of being resolved than those with that type of marriage problem. Just don't make them any harder than they have to be or make them into something they're not. Identify your root problems and take steps to correct them.

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The first thing you have to do is you absolutely have to quit desperate attempts to save your marriage right now! Stop with the begging and the "I'm sorry's." It may be tempting, because it's the first thing that comes to mind at this point, but they do more harm than good. They make your spouse even more fed up.

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Just do the opposite of that. Instead of being open with your spouse, and forgiving; just switch to "hard to get" mode. Remember everyone wants what they can not have - being depressed, apologetic and begging will do absolutely nothing to save your marriage, and in fact it will make matters worse.

To save your marriage you must think about your actions. Stay away from snapping and overreacting. You should stay a mystery to your spouse. You won't be able to make any progress in saving the marriage until you act accordingly. Do NOT forget, people want what they can not have - you have to act accordingly if you are to be attractive to your spouse and save your marriage! It's by this rule that I stopped my divorce!

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The arguments are over. Yet the worst has happened, your husband is gone. He left in a whirlwind of angry words and emotions. You may feel devastated at this new turn of events. Is there any chance of getting him back? There is hope. Your life is changing and right now you need to take care of yourself. There are no easy answers right now. Your life is complicated. Believe it or not you are going to be fine, maybe better than ever! You can get your husband back!

Yes. You miss him. You must stop all contact, right now, today, this moment. Of course, this runs counter to what you want to do. You may feel so desperate, you just want to hear his voice, even if he does yell at you. Take a step back. Breathe. Now is the time for rational thinking over rash action. Your spouse will be shocked at your sudden silence.

The key is finding the means to occupy your thoughts in anything but your spouse. Start taking early morning (or evening) strolls. Walk your frustrations out. While you are walking let your mind unravel. Your thoughts will start to bounce in new directions about what you can begin to do differently for yourself and your spouse.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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Move yourself in positive directions. You may feel so down that you don't feel like doing anything at all. You may have to force yourself to start working on this new path. Direct your thoughts toward what you can do for yourself. Be selfish, for a change! Your whole world does not (and should never have) revolve around him! Take this opportunity to cultivate your interests. Visit a local museum. Catch up on your reading! Treat yourself to the latest (inexpensive) home spa treatments! Take a yoga class. Try a new hairstyle. Your spouse will be surprised (and probably saddened) that you have found interests beyond him. He will also appreciate the efforts you are taking to look and feel more attractive.

Re-connect with old friends. Find new ones. Call people you haven't heard from in a while and catch up on their lives. Occupying your mind with the activities of other people will definitely keep you busy and your thoughts away from your husband. He will be shocked that you are trying new things and attempting to move on without him! Your husband will be curious about how and why you have allowed yourself to cultivate new interests despite his leaving! He will re-discover the most important thing in his life, suddenly gone missing, is you!

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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