The life situation you are in right now is a result of the things which you have done earlier. It’s your present actions which design your future. Hence, If you want to see yourself in the good future then you have to work on that from right now. If you are not taking an action for that then it will result in regrets later on, specially when your in your 20s.

Everyone of us have that regrets from 20s life like “I wish I had....”. Same as that hereby I’m presenting you points which most of us relate to and feel like regrets from the past.

I wish I had not wasted too much time earlier
I wish that I had not wasted that much time in the things which are not in use now. Hope I had used that spare time to do some productive stuff or the things that boost me up, when i was in my 20s.

I really need to stop myself wasting time earlier before, then I need not do the multiple things right now and can easily focus on one. I hope that I had spent more of my free time in learning and reading good books instead of just wasting by doing nothing at all.

I wish that I had not been with the bad company for long
I wish that I had not been with those who do not impact my life in a positive way. In my 20s and teen-ages, I used to spend time with those who have no ambition in life and goals.

It'd better that I had not spent time in parties and fun with those friends . It was better if I’d been friends with those who have a positive purpose in life.
I wish I had not to limit myself learning from schools only

I wish that I had not limited my learning to school and colleges only.Earlier I thought that learning only come from the books & lecture. But now realized that life is a biggest source to learn and it teach us what we need to learn.

I needed to learn from the different life experiences from 20s and peoples i met at that times.

I wish that I had not been that much lazy
I wish I had overcome my laziness earlier. In my young age, I used to be a lazy guy. I always thought that I have enough time to do the important things to do later on. If I was not lazy that time, then I’m at a better position than now. Laziness waste those valuable time in sleeping which I can use for uplift my life, specially in 20s Age.

I wish I had Focus on self-development from the beginning
I wish that I had spent time with my own self and do the things that help to improve me as a person. Hope that I have made a proper plan for self-development and write a letter to me for self motivation.

Like to improve communication, public speaking, writing skills, confidence and ability to handle negative people well.

I wish that I had started Working on Dreams instead of just dreaming of it
I wish that I had not done Daydreaming a lot. Wish that I had started to work on my dream plan from that time when it was just a dream. It is far better, If I worked at least 10% of the dream which I used to imagine.
That time,I had to spend more time to work on the dream instead of just seeing it.

I wish I had Been with the Positive minds
I wish that I had meeting and friendship with those who have a positive approach towards life and know exactly what they want from life. That people can figure out what it needs to achieve your ultimate goals.

I needed to be in good company who help me to live life in a positive way and raise the level of life. Instead of trying to become likeable by everyone , i wish i put more concern who already love me for who i'm.

I wish that I had started Side hustle instead of gaming and TV
I wish that I had started my struggle in quite earlier in age of 20s . I regret that I had not used that time for learning and side hustle instead of wasting in playing games and watching TV shows whole day.

If I had started my hustle earlier than I have more experience and learning now.

I wish I had Seized that opportunity instead of wait for another
I have regret for wasting that opportunity to do something different in life, when life offer me at 20s age. I had a chance to do different things in life but I let that opportunity slips away because I thought I suppose to do something else.

Now i realized that i had to seize that opportunity even for trial instead of wait for that Right opportunity.
I wish that I had not to worry about, what they'll think
I wish that I had not concerning for the people around me. Wish that I had not put that much concern to the people who have no investment and interest in my life. I wish that I had not that much care for what they think about me.

The thought of “what they will think..” let me stop doing a lot of things that I want to do in my life. I know that there is something wrong with society , but instead care about that , i wish i put more focus on my own, to achieve something in life.

I wish I had taken advice from good leaders
Having that regret for being a shy to take a help and forcing myself to be Self-dependent and tried to fix all the things on my own. I wish that I had taken the advice from that one who can guide me and can help me in actually.

But due to past experience and not having trust on others I was not able to take help from them who actually can help me.

I wish I had started Saving and investing earlier instead of just Spending
I wish that I had not spent that much money on the things which I didn’t require. Instead of spending money in the things of not usefulness, I wish I had used that money for the purpose of saving for the future need or in investing where I can get a good return, too.

I wish that I had Built good habits far before
I wish if I had built good habits earlier than life would be more positive. Hope that I had developed life changing habits quite earlier,which lifts me up and helps me to make a better personality.

Being with the good books instead of party lovers, work for the dream instead of just dreaming about it or taking care of the body as it requires, I regret for not started earlier.

I wish that I had not been in that toxic relationship for long
I wish that I had not been in that relationship which impacts life in a negative way. Hope that I came out from that suffering relationship earlier instead of waiting to fix the things from my side only.

Also,hope it is better if I had not to give concern for person who took me as a granted.
I wish I had not depended on them for learning
I wish that I had not only relied on one them to teach me things which I want to learn. It was far better if I hadn’t not limiting myself to learn from them only. I hope that I also keep learning on my own self as well.

Later I came to know they will teach you. But also make sure that you are not going ahead of them. They teach you and only limited what they want to teach, But not as per what you want to learn.

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Ketan, a blogger and content creator. Sharing his views on Monk at 25,that consisting blogs about life experiences , aiming to give positive reminders to anyone who also in the same life stage and show the bright side of life.