It's true. I hear voices in my head. I don't talk about it much. But maybe it's a good time to start. You see, I'm a complex person. A lot goes on inside my head that no one else ever realizes.

The main voice I hear comes from my ego. My ego takes information from the world - from my surroundings - and delivers it to me. I would die without my ego. You would too.

Well, you wouldn't die without MY ego - but you would die if you didn't have YOUR ego.

My ego actually has it's own thought processes. My ego thinks - independently of me. That can be a hard concept to really grasp. Because we all want to believe we're the only ones doing the thinking upstairs. Not true.

In fact, for some people, their ego does most all of their thinking for them. That's not a good place to be. Because for most of us, our ego wants to cause trouble. At the very least, it may jumble the messages it gives.

Let's say someone tells you: "You did a bad job."

But what you hear is: "You are a bad person."

Those two statements carry quite different meanings. If you go around all day long hearing garbled messages, that creates many problems.

So many people - early in life - decide they just don't want to participate; or they don't want to be responsible for their lives. They don't WANT to interpret the data they receive from their egos. They don't want to make the choices and decisions about what to do.

This forces the ego to do the work of interpretation. But the ego lacks the equipment - the mental prowess - to successfully run our lives. Besides, that's our job anyway.

The ego builds resentment. It starts to resent us. It starts to resent being forced to do the 'dirty work' of running the person's life for them. It's not allowed to just do *it's* job. And you end up not being able to discern between "You did a bad job" and "You are a bad person".

The ego can become quite negative. Quite destructive. And quite the saboteur in your life. It can drag you down. Especially if you can't distinguish its voice from yours.

Generally speaking, the more bitter, pessimistic, angry, and destructive a person becomes, the greater the chance their life is being run by their ego. They're listening to the wrong voice in their head.

Look, even a healthy positive ego will talk to you. There's no escaping your ego. It goes with you EVERYWHERE.

You want it to be strong, healthy and positive. But right now, it's important to know what it sounds like. You need to be able to distinguish between it, and you.

You would be well-advised to visualize it - get an idea of what it might look like. And deliberately ask it questions. Learn as much as you can. Just keep in mind that a weak, negative ego will lie to you. Often in a loud voice.

It's the number one voice you hear in your head.

Other prominent voices include: martyr, victim, child, adolescent, and parent. Common to all: they exist as lesser parts of you. Meaning, parts of your personality that possess less intelligence, with less access to resources than you.

They're less capable of making choices and decisions than you.

But for many, these lesser voices run their lives. Generally speaking, the less you're willing to choose, to decide, to seek out responsibility - the greater the chance that some other lesser part of you must choose, decide, and accept responsibility for your life.

Bottom line: someone is 'driving your car' all the time you're awake. Who's behind the wheel? Your inner child? Your inner victim? If so, don't blame them if your life enters a crisis. Or if your life slams into a brick wall.

The next time you find yourself acting in less than an exemplary fashion, you might want to stop for a minute and ask - which part of me is running the show right now?

And you might want to stop and listen to what they have to say. Not so you can blindly follow it. But so you can distinguish it from your OWN thoughts and feelings.

You might want to listen to the voices in your head. I do.

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Mark Ivar Myhre, The Emotional Healing Wizard, knows your ego doesn't want you to read this. It also doesn't want you to learn more about yourself by going to: But I'll bet you do anyway!