If not now, when?

Are you one of these people who are waiting for the right time to take action in your life? Did you ever think you might be getting in the way of “you”? If you really dig deep the reason why you probably aren’t taking action is because of the dreaded “f” word…..FEAR. It’s perfectly fine to have feelings of fear. Change and stepping out into the unknown can be scary. Our internal alarm system will go off and all our past issues and voices in our head will start to resurrect themselves. Like “what are you thinking”, “it’s not the right time”, “where are you going to get the money”, “you can’t do that”, or “where are you going to get the money”. This is our internal survival mechanism it’s there to protect us. One of our biggest jobs is to make sure this “survival system” does not control our lives completely. It’s there for a reason. It’s our internal checks and balances.

The problem is, f we don’t take control of this it can result in anger, frustration and resentment in your life. Life will feel like a chore. You have to remember that although we might be adults we must be aware there still lies a child underneath our adult skin. It’s perfectly human to want to look forward to something. It’s not a selfish thing; it’s a self-care thing. We need a challenge, a reward, it makes life worth living. When we don’t get in agreement with our “inner-child”, it will start to leak into our every area of our lives especially our health.

1. Write down what is that “thing” you’ve been wanting to do (It could be a vacation, a training, remodeling, etc).
2. Now write what’s standing in your way.
3. Now write down a baby step strategy to make this come to into your reality.
4. Now share it with a “healing witness” this person is someone who you trust and is on your team.

Keep moving forward!!!!!! You have more power than you know.

Remember “It’s Never Too Late to Reclaim Your Life”,

Author's Bio: 

For Jodi Michele Cooley life has been the best educator for her. All the training and degrees are great sources of information, but nothing compares to her hands on experience. She grew up in a family plagued by the disease of alcoholism and she was the primary caretaker of her disabled mother. She has first hand knowledge of the crippling affects of emotional and verbal abuse.

In 1998 she was introduced to the work of Louise L. Hay, bestselling author for over 20 years of “You Can Heal Your Life” and became a facilitator of her work and workshops. Over the years Jodi has coached hundreds of people and presented several different workshops. Inspired by the life altering work she was doing she came up with her own technique called the “Feel It Thru Method”.

Her tag line is "It's never too late to reclaim your life". She herself has been working on reclaiming her authentic self for over 15 years and continues to uncover and discover things about herself striving for all the gifts that life has to offer on this earth. Bottom line, she says herself “I want to get my money's worth while I am on this planet and I want to share with others the tools and techniques I've used to live a better life.”