What do you imagine for your life. This was a question I recently asked when I was speaking. Some of the responses were “Perfect, fun, prosperous, and peaceful." That was then…but what about you?

“Are you really imagining your life the way you want it to be?” Do you think you can?

I have to say, I didn’t, especially not consciously. Many of us are imagining in haphazard ways and then wondering how come experiences are showing up in our lives.

However, the thought of each of us really understanding that we can image our life into being/becoming is empowering to me.

If you’re asking how, let me tell you.

What we hold in our mind - our images is what we send to the universe as what we want to see in our life. Our images and imaginings come into physical equivalent in our world. No one else is imagining in our world…but us.
That’s how and that’s how powerful we are.

This is so cool because it let’s you know that you are connected to the universe; you are connected through your thoughts and your thoughts have power.

What often happens is that we imagine haphazardly and unconsciously, not knowing our power and the Universe does not distinguish our positive imaginings from or negative ones. It just shows us what we’re thinking…thus creating.

Imagination is defined as the ability of the mind to be creative; the ability to form images and ideas in the mind. This is your power-your minds ability to be creative.

What your mind imagines is what God-Source energy uses as the instructions by which to create your reality in the material world.

That’s how come I want you to really answer this question, “What am I imagining for my life?”

You have been imbued with this power as a faculty of the mind - imagination. It is given to each of us. We just have to use it. We’re like super heroes/sheroes with super powers and not using them (consciously) in our lives.

Einstein told us, “Logic gets us from A to B. Imagination will take us everywhere.” So let’s be like Steve Job and Apple…imagination. Steven Spielberg and his movie making…imagination. Martin Luther King, and the non-violent march in a hostile climate… not logic – that’s for sure…imagination. Jesus the master teacher, taught through earthly stories with spiritual truth…not logic…imagination.

You want more than just A to B. So go ahead and imagine your world, your life. Imagine it in vibrant living colors, in full and complete detail. See it all there. Put your feet up, relax and imagine the joy, peace, love, money, resources, opportunities, and the possibilities you would love to see in your life. Because only you can do this for you.

It was John Lennon who asked us to imagine a world where all people lived as one; nothing to kill for or die for; no religion; imagine all the people living life in peace; no possession; no need for greed or hunger; living sharing all the world. Imagine your life, then your family, then the world

I just wanted you to recognize the power you have and be deliberate and conscious in using it to image the life you really want for yourself.

Keep Consciously Creating


Author's Bio: 

Jenenne Macklin, is a speaker, author and empowerment life coach. She is she President of Consciously Creating Your Life offering coaching for personal development, and professional success. www.jenennemacklin.com