The technology era has been gaining pace at a galloping speed and have been finding ways to make life easier all the time. And it seems finding Internet could have been the best of the innovations that ever changed the life of man on earth. Internet has made life a lot easier for the human society as it has brought the world to its doorsteps with the click of a button. Almost everything and anything that has a presence on the earth surface has found its way on the Internet too. As the craze of going online has gained pace so has the fact that even a simple mistake could end up years of hard worked reputation drastically.

And thus as most of the companies in the world are trying their level best to keep up with the complete tech-savvy clientèle the need for technology watch is increasing. In the present era the need for technology watch has intensified as the most of the client base of the businesses today are tech-savvy and moreover keeping a track of the technological changes may help gain a better and more enthusiastically responding clientèle, which is good not only for the business for its sale, but for the promotion of the brand name too.

As the name suggests business intelligence mainly is a technique that is computer based to cover business operations and thus supports the decision making processes of a company. When business intelligence focuses mainly on using technological advancements to make the business processes simple, competitive intelligence mainly focuses on the competitors and trying to have an edge over them. And thus business intelligence is considered a subset or part of competitive intelligence. Thus, having a technology watch could help the business to keep an eye on the competition as well as catch the eye of a tech-savvy client base.

Competitive intelligence too is as important as having business intelligence. As business intelligence might be helpful in getting things done easily and more effectively, but then competitive intelligence helps in gaining an edge over the competitors as well as the confidence of tech-savvy potential clientèle too. The thing that is most important for a business in the present era is to keep themselves up-to-date with the technology watch and have business intelligence and competitive intelligence to go with it, helps the company to improve its e-reputation among its competitors. The newly built e-reputation due to competitive intelligence and business intelligence helps the company not only to cope with the competition, but also to help them improve their sales in the long run.

The technology watch helps the business to gain an upper hand in the competition that definitely is killing most of the businesses and thus gain better stand in the eyes of the public making sure a raise in the business in the long run where even retaining a client is quite a difficult task. With the face of the competition changing constantly the best that could be done is to try to stay in the competition, which is quite an easy task if the focus is on technology watch to improve the business intelligence and competitive intelligence of the company.

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Using Technological Watch ( veille technologique ) and processing of information for strategic decision making, you will get a high quality Business Intelligence ( veille stratégique ).