The ACT test is a major undertaking for college-bound students. There’s just no reason for missing it. However, untoward instances happen, and it may become necessary for you to cancel taking your ACT test. The reasons could vary, such as an upcoming storm, or ultimately realizing that you’re not ready to take the test. Your only option then is to cancel your ACT test and change your ACT test date. This article will provide you with tips about how to go about with it.

What Are Refundable and Non-Refundable Fees?

You cannot actually cancel your ACT registration flat out. If in case you decide to not take your test, the registration fee, late registration fee and the test center change fee, among other additional services fees that you have already paid for are non-refundable. What you can refund, nonetheless are your payments for optional services such as additional score reports.

If you have therefore made up your mind about withdrawing your ACT test, the best thing that you can do is to simply not show up. Consider, though, that your money goes with that decision as well. If you forgo your test, it goes without saying that you will not have a score, in which case you can’t expect to receive your score report. Taking all these into account, you thus have to be 100% decided about taking the ACT test upon your registration to begin with.

Have you fixed on doing a no-show for your ACT test? You may have to attend to a particular emergency or whatever. In this case, your most viable option is to change the date of your taking the ACT. If you still want to take the test still, look into what date among the testing dates are more workable. How do you go about with changing your ACT test date?

How To Change Your ACT Test Date

Primarily you have to login your online ACT account. Look for the “make changes to your registration” tab and move on with the process from there. This option is available to utilize in your account at anytime before the schedule for the ACT test, except for the test set in June which is the final one for the academic year. What you ought to do is to wait until July when the ACT test registration opens again for the following academic year. Not showing up for the June ACT test is acceptable. Should this transpire, you can register for the test when the slots become open. Note that if you register for a future ACT test date, you will be charged of an ACT test date change fee of $25. Likewise, late registration fee is set at $27.50 if you register beyond the deadline. If a space is available, you will subsequently be assigned to your chosen test center on your preferred ACT date together with your ACT or ACT Plus Writing options.

These are some of the tips and options that you have to remember if you decide to cancel your ACT test and take it on another prospective schedule.

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