Succulents are unique plants and their benefits in our lives are of outstanding value. I’m talking about many aspects, one of those being their aesthetic value. You will probably agree with me that home décor is incomplete without the incorporation of succulents.

Air purification is the other important attribute about the plants. Research has shown these plants as bearing some great attributes that enable them to suck some of the most dangerous pollutants in the air. I’m talking about toxins including xylene, nitrogen oxides, formaldehyde, and toluene. That is the reason that the succulents are grown in libraries and some diverse learning environments.

Succulent needs are quite reasonable considering that these are plants that offer us quite a lot.

The need for light

Succulents require the best conditions right from their early stages. Understand that these pants are quite delicate when they are newly planted and thus you must expose them to the most favorable conditions. Remember that direct sunlight could be destructive to them! You don't want them scorched and thus you will regulate the amount of sunlight that reaches them. The provision of shade using a sheer curtain could be a great way to go for you.

In their advanced stages, succulents require enough exposure to sunlight. These unique plants will utilize light for almost six hours every day. However, you need to bear in mind that different succulents will require different conditions. You need to establish the exact type to provide it with the best growth conditions.

Ensure you are rotating them from time to time

One of the Succulent needs as mentioned earlier is exposure to direct sunlight. Your succulents shouldn’t be maintained in the same position for long. That is because the light gets restricted to one side yet the other lacks it. It is thus important to rotate the succulents so that they gain access to all the light that they require.

The essence of rotating these plants is to ensure that they grow well. In this regard, I’m talking about them standing up straight. These plants will always lean towards the direction of the source of light and thus rotating them is about striking a balance in their growth trajectory.


The right amount of energy is vital as one of the most outstanding Succulent needs. This is the same thing about us humans because we also need energy to grow well. Ensure you check out the level of moisture in the soil. You could sue your finger to establish that. Water the succulents right away in case you find out that 1.25 inches of the soil at the top section is dry. Restrain from overwatering these plants because it is not one of the Succulent needs. Such an act could end up killing them, and that is not probably what you want. Focus on giving room for the soil to dry between the watering.

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