There was a time when the world was in perfect balance. Everybody had what they needed. There was abundance for all. There was no need for any police, because the indigenous people of the land lived in balance with the Laws of Nature. The creation and foundation of earth was built on the highest frequency in existence, one in which the world calls "Love." There was harmony and balance all over the whole of the land. There was also Truth, Justice, and Gratitude. The Laws of Ma'at. When one lives in balance and in harmony with the Laws of Nature, they are living within the foundation built by The Goddess.

In the beginning there was one land and one ruler of the land. It was not a dictatorship. It was a rulership where everyone was respected for their role in Nature. It was held together by the highest frequency of Love, because the ruler was The Goddess. She ruled with grace, fairness and love. There are many statues of Her scattered throughout the world. They are so-called just now discovering other statues that were supposedly buried very deep in the sands. She has had many names; however, it does not matter how many names mankind has given Her, and it does not matter how many races mankind has tried to make Her. She is the same today as she was 12,000 years ago, and She always will be, forever more. Each and everyday - you live, you work and you play in Her garden. The entire landmass of earth belongs to The Goddess, so says Her Father in the True Heavens. The One True God gave it to Her. She tended to Her garden and treated everyone fairly, with love and respect. Then one day, those whom were jealous of the love, admiration and respect The Goddess received from others, devised a plan against Her with the enemies. The enemies wanted Her land. The enemies offered money and valuables to the men whom lived amongst The Goddess to overthrow Her by force and violence. The men who were living amongst The Goddess, betrayed Her in the worst way. They wanted Her throne. They conspired with the enemies to overthrow The Goddess and Her people. They killed most of Her people, hoping to wipe The Goddess and Her people completely away from history forever. The Scriptures states, "What is hidden will be revealed. All that is lost will be found." What they did not understand at that time was the absolute true power of The Goddess. She never had to show or utilize Her true powers during Her rulership. It was not necessary. Her presence alone, was enough.

The Bible was written to not include The Goddess. It was supposed to be a patriarchal book with the women in the bible being subservient to the men. The Goddess was supposed to be buried in all of history without ever coming into existence again. She is there. The truth are indeed in the pages of the bible, for those whom are deemed worthy to find it. The Goddess is all throughout the pages of the bible for those whom have the eyes to see Her. She gives you your individual truth. When The Goddess was overthrown in the beginning, it created the imbalance which you are experiencing in the world today. And until She is back in Her rightful place, many people will continue to suffer and perish in this world. It is not a coincidence, mistake or accident that certain things are happening in the world at present and in the not too distant past. Because The Goddess was overthrown by Her own people as well as the enemy, the descendants of those ancient ancestors must pay the price. As the Scripture states, "Keeping mercy for thousands, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin, and that will by no means clear the guilty; visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children, and upon the children's children, unto the third and to the fourth generation." So you see, people are suffering certain things in the world today because of the actions of their ancestors against The Goddess. They have been suffering for all of four hundred years. The men whom lived amongst The Goddess were jealous of Her, and instead of protecting The Goddess from the enemy, they willingly gave Her over to the enemy. The enemy in turn not only enslaved The Goddess and Her people, but the enemy also enslaved those whom betrayed Her. And this ladies and how slavery began.

Everyone must pay the price for their sins against The Goddess and against Her Laws of Ma'at. She is the only power. It is Her earth. It is Her universe. She Remembers All.

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Dr. Monica M. Burns, PhD Is A Spiritual Counselor.