In my previous article we explored what it means to be ‘in the zone.’ We considered ‘magic moments’ and stretching the boundaries of your comfort zone.

In this article we’ll explore what to avoid when stretching yourself and the actions you can take to get “in the zone.”
Panic Zone

A word of warning here - stretch is good, panic is not!

Don't mistake the feeling of ‘stretching’ (being anxious, fearful or stressed) for the feeling of distress (when you put yourself in the position of total panic.) Because then you won't achieve, you may not even try and will retreat to your comfort zone, vowing never to push out again!

I know business leaders and managers who've had their fingers burned (in some cases quite badly) by putting themselves in a position they were totally unable to cope with, leading to panic and distress.

These are not good learning experiences at the time, but with coaching can be looked at differently and used to help you stretch again.

That's why I'd always look at the issues and barriers surrounding stretching goals or actions and suggest you problem solve and plan a way around them.

That allows you to avoid panic, or get the information or support you might need to tackle the new situation, or try a new approach.

In addition, if you review on a regular basis and are responsible for and accountable for your actions; if you persist in your new approach and give out a consistent message then you have a much better chance of avoiding panic whilst still stretching yourself.


So, think about the areas of your work in which you want to realise your potential. Which area of your own or your team, department, or organisation’s performance are you unhappy with? Ask yourself the following questions:

•What do I want to aim for?

•What do I want to do differently?

•What issues, problems, or potential barriers do I have around this?

•What support mechanisms can I set up?

•Who can help?

•What will I actually do?

•How will I ensure I’ll persist to really see if it's worked?

Stretching means going the distance. It means being persistent and consistent and getting those ‘magic’ 10 out of 10 moments more often at work.

Once you get those, you'll realise you've expanded the boundaries of your comfort zone, because it will start to feel comfortable.

So, get out of your comfort zone and into the stretch zone and you'll find yourself ‘in the zone’ more often.

That's a great position to be in; just keep stretching and you'll be releasing that untapped potential and realising your dreams of being the best leader you can be!

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