A relationship or even a marriage can survive an infidelity from a cheating partner. However people need to realize that healing from unfaithfulness in a relationship is tough and excruciating work from both the cheating partner and the cheated person. Both parties must be fully committed to restore trust and be able to reconnect.

If one has cheated on their spouse they should be willing to show that they are resentful and seek their partners forgiveness no matter how long it takes. Psychologists have come up with a six step healing or recovery process for people who would want to rebuild the relationship or their marriage. Both partners should be willing to take part in this process so that it can work. It is not a one man show.

The beginning step to the recovery process is for the cheating person to guarantee their spouse that they no longer see their lovers and make it clear that they do not communicate with them either through calls, emails, texts or even social sites. The individual should tell their partners whenever their lover tries to communicate with them so that they can be in the light in case of anything.

After stopping the affair, an individual ought to be brutally honest with their partner about the details of the affair. An individual should answer any question and answer it honestly. This is the only way that a person can be able to move past the betrayal especially when they get to understand why their partner cheated on them.

After giving all the information in regards to the affair, one should empathize with their partner. An individual should ask themselves how they would feel if they were the ones the love became unfaithful. Thus they should be patient with their partners and understand that betrayal is not something that can be easily forgiven.

When one empathizes with their partner, the next step is to be always available to speak and most importantly listen. It is never easy to let go of the fact that their partner has cheated on them and so that individual should never be rushed to put that in their past. When they are ready then they will forgive and hopefully forget.

After infidelity takes place, one should take blame by expressing candid and frank regret. The individual needs to show their partner that their betrayal was the worst mistake they ever made and that it would never be repeated. After all is said and done, they should help their partners be able to forgive them no matter how long this will take. Infidelity can take time to heal, but can also make for a stronger relationship.

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Coping with infidelity it can be tough. We suggest the two of you going to a couples therapist to try to get past it.