“Just tell me now or just kill me!” cries a wife who suspects that her husband is cheating. Maybe the worst thing to be in than finding out that your husband is cheating is when you are being kept in the dark. It keeps you awake all night, it keeps you unfocused and distracted at work, it keeps you from eating less (or more).

You want to confront him but of course he will deny it, the more you insist the issue the more you fight and the more he distance himself and the more you look bad for him. Having unconfirmed thoughts can be tough because you cannot move on. And most of all being kept in the dark makes you look like a fool and makes you feel stupid and naïve and the worst thing is that you can never do anything about it! To know the truth you have to be extra keen and observant about his actions.

You might also try to detach from your emotions because a clouded mind can sometimes blind you. You have to be calm and strong. You can see infidelity signs when new things are happening in your home phone. When you are starting to experience hung up calls or several cases of wrong numbers or silence at the end of the line.

This could mean that the other woman is letting him know her presence, maybe giving him a signal to return a call or to meet somewhere. When this happens observe your husband’s actions after the hung up call. When he suddenly becomes busy in his cellphone or the internet then there is something going on.

Another infidelity signs can be experienced inside your bedroom. He has become less interested in sex or he can become more active to lessen your suspicions or the thought of the other woman makes him in the mood for sex always. He might also suggest new sexual techniques or positions and if you are sensitive or observant enough, you will notice that it takes him more time than usual to reach the climax and when he does there is almost no more or less fluid coming out of him.

Begin to question when this happens especially if you make love once or twice a week. Another warning signs of infidelity is when his scent suddenly changes when your soap at home is Safeguard but when he comes home he smells like Irish Spring or worst he smells like a woman’s cologne.

Another warning signs of infidelity is when he comes home he used to hug you and kiss you then lie on the couch and watch TV but now for the past days he runs directly to the bathroom to wash himself then hugs you and kisses you then lie on the couch.

Another infidelity signs is when his finances are starting to crunch him. You asked where his money went and he diverts you with a different answer. You check on your family checking account and he deposits less money that usual and you can’t see any new objects that he bought.

If you are suspecting that your husband is cheating on you, the worst thing that you can do is to let it go or shove it off your mind. Infidelity thrives in secrecy, the earlier you know the easier for you to straighten things out. When your woman’s intuition keeps on bothering you, face it and look out for the infidelity signs in your husband’s activity before its too late.

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