Are there ways in which you can enhance psychic abilities? Some will say no, it is not possible to do this because psychic abilities are something people are born with. In certain instances, this may be an accurate assessment. There will be those individuals who do not need to cultivate any extrasensory skills. Talents of a psychic nature might very well be innate to them and they do not have to work on making their talent much stronger. Others will need to actually take the steps required to make their minimal psychic abilities more effective. And then there will be those hoping to develop psychic abilities even if they may never have exhibited any such abilities in the past.

How to Become a Psychic

Where is your current level of psychic ability? Are you someone with very limited or almost nonexistent talents? Either way, you will need to realize there are established methods which have been known to increase psychic abilities.

According to Jose Silva, the most common error when it comes to the development of psychic abilities is assuming that the process of enhancing psychic powers is a zero-sum game. In other words, you either have the abilities or you need to acquire them. This would be as absurd a statement as saying you have innate athleticism or acting talent. While a person may actually possess such talent, the talent still will require practice and cultivation. In a way, the same can be said of those with psychic talents.

Here is a little insight into the way such talent needs to be cultivated in order to see definitive results. And no, the process is not usually all that difficult to engage in. It just requires effort and a desire to be successful.

Yes, for certain people, there is no need to cultivate the talent. They gain psychic visions as easily as they manifest their other five senses. While this may seem to be the most desirable way to possess natural and uncultivated psychic abilities, such an assessment is not entirely accurate. When psychic talent is purely innate, it runs the risk of being raw. Raw talent or skill is not always helpful because it can lack control. Without effective control over psychic visions and intuition, the person experiencing the psychic visions may be disturbed by them. Such a talent can be a curse to those who have them but lack any control over the visions.

Becoming Psychic is Real

That said, if you do possess such skills, you will need to learn the very basics of how to channel your psychic visions into something beneficial to you as opposed to a curse. Psychic talent is not something to be wary of. The rawness of unfettered psychic talent may be problematic because you do not have control over the visions. This means they run the risk of being intrusive which is hardly an appealing trait as it turns all the value of such visions into something of limited or minimal value.

Once you do gain adequate control over the psychic visions you are prone to get, you will soon discover that these visions will start to maintain a sense of coherence that they previously lacked. For example, it is not uncommon for certain instances of psychic imagery to actually be flashbacks to lost memories which are being recovered. Since only fragments of the forgotten memories are forthcoming, they may not automatically be determined to be flashbacks as much as flashforwards. Obviously, there is a huge difference between the two as one represents what happened in the past and the other represents a possible future.

To further confound the situation, it may be possible that flashbacks and flashforwards are combined in the same vision. Needless to say, this can lead to problems in terms of the coherence of the visions and their subsequent value. More than anything, a sense of coherence has to be added to the mix in order for psychic visions to have any value. If you cannot decipher the visions accurately, what value would they possess?

They won’t possess much merit at all, which is why serious steps need to be taken towards developing a reliable manifestation of your psychic visions.

Is this difficult? There is no definitive answer to that question. Different people will have different levels of skills with their visions. So, when it comes to the potential to maximize their psychic ability potential, they may react differently. In short, it may take some longer than it will take others to attain a high level of proficiency.

At this point, it is best to point out that there is no critical timeframe for success that needs to be adhered to. You want to develop your psychic potential and you want to develop it in such a way that it benefits you. There is no reason to infer this needs to be done within a certain timeframe. Why would there need to be a timeframe? When you actually stop to ponder such a question, you realize that any concept of rushing your psychic abilities makes no sense.

You want to have the psychic abilities at your disposal. That is the proverbial bottom line. How long it takes to get there is irrelevant.

This brings us to the next important point: your development of psychic abilities will be based on slow and gradual improvements over time. Overnight improvements are not exactly impossible but the odds are far greater that slow and deliberate improvements based on careful reflection will be the more likely source of enhanced psychic abilities. Honestly, this would be the case with improvements of all manner of abilities and would always be the wisest course of action to follow.

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The Silva Intuition System is a powerful program designed to heighten your intuition in order to make the right decisions, follow your destiny and passions, and bring out your inner compass. While conventional science will have us believe that we are limited to the 5 senses, there is one sense that has been left hidden for many people and that is your intuition. It is your most powerful and precious sense.