If you’re like most people, you probably feel that daydreaming is a waste of time – a period spent in mental wandering instead of getting something constructive done. The truth is, daydreams have an important place in our lives. They are often the inspiration you need to take the first step toward a major change in your life.

Daydreaming is for Intelligent People

Did you know? Daydreaming, according to recent research, is actually quite constructive. When your brain is not engaged elsewhere, mental activity in the form of daydreaming actually rouses neural connections in your brain associated with intelligence. But this is not just any type of neural activity; it’s the type that connects distant areas of your brain that are associated with the ability to conjure up new ideas that may be radically different but extremely effective. Scientists and inventors, including Thomas Edison, often use daydreaming as a way to solve problems and come up with completely new hypotheses.

Another way that daydreaming benefits a person is by allowing physiological changes to occur. These changes put the body at rest while permitting the mind free reign to wander. Daydreaming is very close to a form of self-hypnosis.

Now try to convince your boss you’re not wasting his or her time when you mentally check out during a long business meeting!

Daydreaming For Life Control

As children, we all spent a lot of time daydreaming about what we would be when we grew up or imagining some adventure happening to us. It was fun to use our imagination to remove limits and explore possibilities. And the best thing was that a grownup couldn’t take away our daydreams; they were there at our beck and call, to cherish anytime we wanted.

What about now? When we become adults, we often forget – or just forgo- the magical power of daydreaming. We’re too focused on doing what needs to be done rather than imagining what we could do if only we allowed ourselves.

Wouldn’t you like to regain the control that daydreaming gave you when you were a youngster? Luckily you can take a few moments and dream right now because it is in your control!

Daydreaming for Inspiration

Now, how about using daydreams to help you achieve a major life goal? Daydreaming is all about unbridled creativity and it’s that creativity that will get you through the tough times when you’re not seeing any progress or your motivation is in short supply.

Daydreams are perfect for providing the inspiration necessary to keep you on track with your goals. Go to a quiet place when you have a few minutes and close your eyes. Let your mind wander. Envision yourself as the new, better, changed you that you want you to be. Think about creative solutions to dealing with a personal problem that may be holding you back. Let emotions associated with change wash over you in this safe, private place and see how it feels.

There now, don’t you feel more inspired and motivated to get back on track with your goals?

Daydreaming is a perfectly acceptable and always accessible way to tap into your creativity. It’s a way to let yourself go because no one’s watching; no one else is privy to your thoughts. Allow that creativity to inspire positive change. There’s nothing stopping you when you imagine a world without barriers!

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Lori Anne is an inspirational author, as well as a collaborative writer and life coach for the next generation of thought leaders who’re ready to transform even more lives. She’s the author of Who Am I? How to Answer the Single Most Important Question You’ll Ever ask, a self-coaching book, meditation guide and journal. She was the expert behind the Rediscover Yourself MAP™ program with Compass Coaching, and has published numerous articles. Get started with her FREE video series, Top 5 Secrets to Successfully Change Your Life, by visiting her website at www.LoritheChangeAgent.com.