The sofas look incredible and it can be particularly comfortable. But when it relates to cleaning, they could also be a significant nightmare. But spills are bound to happen sooner rather than later and you will need to know how to clean a sofa if you don't want to decorate your couch with those lovely plastic covers.

Here are some great advices on how to clean your sofa.

1. The first and foremost thing to do is to check for the manufacturer’s instructions for care, which can be found it in the sofa tag. It is better to read that first before using any cleaning agent or solution. Failure to do so might flat-out destroys your sofa or could void the guarantees.

2. Before starting to do any cleaning it is best recommended to start by vacuuming the sofa, its cushions and pillows. Use a hand-held vacuum to eradicate crumbs and many such loose particles. Don’t overlook the backing and the arm rests. Use a clean cotton cloth to dust the wood areas.

3. Check the cleaning codes for your sofa to find out what’s your sofa’s fabric are and buy a shampoo specifically for it. The cleaning codes are those random tags you can see on your sofa.

4. The professional cleaners advise to test the shampoo on a small area of the sofa first. If it’s possible, make the test under the couch, but if it’s not, the best place is its back.

5. To prevent watermarks, clean the entire couch. Use a shampooer, but if you don’t have one, you can rent it from a professional cleaning services.

6. Allow to the sofa and its pillows and cushions to dry before reassembling them.

Calling a professional sofa cleaning company is not really required. But if you don’t know how to deal with this fabric or a particular spot, it’s recommended that you call them before start acting. They will give you really helpful tips on how to clean your sofa.

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Adler Conway is a professional writer and blogger. I live in Melbourne. I am a manager in cleaning company.