There has been increasing publicity and acceptance of Mindfulness meditation in the public and medical domains. This to me is a great step forward. As I shall further explain in this article I see the combination of hypnotic processing with NLP skills and Mindfulness as a further evolution of self empowerment that will take us past many of the limitations in conventional medical treatments of drugs and historically oriented psychotherapy.

Firstly Mindfulness meditation is not dependent on a particular theology or philosophy. Although it draws upon Buddhist meditation, it is very much a practical way to quieten the mind that helps us become more aware of the “now”. The practice itself is very simple, focused on the breath leading to body and thought awareness. Detached acceptance is encouraged without judgments but including kindness and a general rising of personal awareness. This works beautifully when we are relatively stable and receptive but sometimes people’s psychological challenges are so pressing or pervasive that the professional use of hypnotherapy and NLP provides a way to clear the ground so to speak.

In hypnotherapy and NLP we are very goal centred which is something we need at times. Mindfulness is not at all goal centred which again is something we need at times.

As an example, a person may have a very negative overview, or, in the terminology of NLP, a meta-programme of life. They may be overly pessimistic which holds them back and prevents them believing they could change and enjoy life more. With the help of quality NLP and the receptive state hypnosis can create, they can begin to develop a more optimistic meta-programme. Having begun to turn the corner over an appropriate time they could be introduced to mindfulness meditation so they can watch and become more aware of their thought patterns. With the use of NLP stategies and hypnosis they can begin to change them to more beneficial patterns. Beliefs are generated by the accumulation of thoughts that knit together to form a belief. They can begin to knit together more useful and productive thoughts that create better belief structures. As is often said “neurons that fire together stay together”.

It is possible to create a protocol of treatment with a structure that uses the skills of hypnosis, NLP, Mindfulness and other modern techniques, which I teach. Additionally, mindfulness helps quieten the busy mind and make us more aware of how our thoughts and minds actually work. By harnessing the above skills we raise awareness, the ability to make the changes we desire and thus raising the happiness quotient, which I believe benefits everyone.

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Matthew Ferguson SQHP
(Clinical hypnotherapist, Trainer of Hypnotherapy and NLP, Stress Consultant and Authentic Happiness Coach) Matthew runs a training school in Scotland teaching Hypnotherapy, NLP and Coaching to learn more and to read more articles by Matthw Ferguson visit If you are a Facebook user please click on our Follow us on Facebook button on the web site and click the like button. You will be kept up to date with the latest articles, information and free downloads.