Intelligence is a process of learning as opposed to a thing that you are simply born with. You, like I, will no doubt have heard said (or perhaps you have yourself thought) that so and so is naturally intelligent, gifted or bright.

But intelligence is still something that has to be nurtured. The act of acquiring knowledge is a process and this process is one that we can all learn. Intelligence is a product of observation, interest, enthusiasm, being exposed to things, personal effort and, of course, it also involves an element of luck.

I say "of course" there in relation to luck, although you may not agree with me. You may prefer a different terminology and think in terms of things that are either meant to be or not meant to be. But for the purpose of this short exercise I will use the word luck.

Luck comes into the equation in terms of where you are, who you meet, what you are exposed to in your natural environment. Where you are born, who your parents are, when you are born and who you come into contact with all play a huge role in your methods of gathering intelligence.

For example, if you were born in Silicone Valley you would inevitably be more exposed to the culture of IT and Start Up companies than if you were born in the South West of Ireland. This is a fact of life. You might be born at a time of depression or at a time of expansion and these circumstances will also have a great impact on the environment in which you learn from and gather intelligence from.

The main point that I wish to make is that you can always learn more and become "more intelligent" by exposing your mind to different things. Being curious and interested in the World around you is a huge key to this process. Believing in your ability to learn new things is another key. Nobody should allow themselves to think that they or slow or that they lack intelligence. Learning is a process and it is one that can be learned!

Thinking of yourself as a successful person is inevitably a part of believing in your intelligence. The two go hand in hand. Hypnosis can be a very useful aid to opening your mind to learning, self-belief and success. It can be used to help overcome mental blocks and erroneous beliefs about your levels of intelligence and ability.

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