When you ask an anthropologist to explain the cultural differences of West and East, he would tell you a detailed list of things which show the vast differences among the individualistic and collectivistic cultures. Especially if you looking for the differences among the cultures of Saudi Arabia and England, you will find such a huge diversity in these countries. Each year, numerous travelers visit these countries and enjoy the beautiful tourist spots which are famous in the whole world.
Saudi Arab is located in Middle East and the people living in it follows the religion Islam strictly. It has many Holy places which represent the symbolic importance of the Islamic past. Many travelers visit Saudi Arab each year by availing different packages like Ramadan Umrah 2017 from London or other, and have the most holy and sacred experience when they visit the amazing monuments of Islam. The famous places of Saudi Arab include the Holy Kaaba, Masjid Al Nabwi, famous caves like Cave Thor, Cave Hira, historical museums and many more. On the other hand, England has its own beautiful and historical buildings which are totally incomparable with anything else in the world. Famous places of England include Tower of London, Stonehenge, Hyde Park and many more.
Since there are majority of Christians in England, so their most important festival is Christmas whereas the Muslims in Saudi Arab celebrate Eid with full rejoice. During the festival of Eid, Muslims wake up early in the morning to offer prayers. They wear new and clean clothes and embrace each other with hug and love after offering their prayers. After morning prayer of ‘Eid, there is usually a long list of guests which are greeted warmly. Delicious cuisine is being served to everyone which multiplies the happiness of this holy festival. When we talk about Christmas, it is in full blown stage during night. People lighten up their houses and cities and cherish the moments with their loved ones. Mouthwatering food is being cooked in each house which spreads the aroma to all the places. Since Christmas is always in winter, so fun activities like making snowman or decorating the trees is done with full joy.
The main language which is being spoken in England is English. Although there are people from many different states which are residing in England, but for communication purposes they have to speak in English. The main language in Saudi Arab is Arabic, but people are aware of English so they can communicate with the travelers which are coming from different countries. The accent of both English and Arabic is totally different which makes these languages uniquely different and beautiful in their own way.

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