The mystery of the existence of God has always been a debatable issue. People try to take out facts related with science and try to prove that there is no such thing as God and that all religions are based on flaws. People try to differentiate between science and religion and always come up with those points of any religion which may be defaming for it. Since some statements of religions were made on certain contexts so those who are in constant struggle of deprecating any religion forget the context and try to defame the followers of the religion by denying the existence of God.
There is a famous story in the history which is based on the existence of God. Once there was man who went to the barber’s shop for a haircut. The barber was an atheist and he had no belief in the existence of God. Barber started an argument with the man there is no such thing as God because if there was any God, the world would have been a better place. There would have been no sick and diseased person, no difference of poor and rich, no injustice among the inferior community and no discrimination to any race or religion. The man kept hearing to the statements of the barber but remained quite since he didn’t want to have an illogical argument with him.
After a while, the man saw a poor guy walking alongside the barber’s shop. He was wearing dirty clothes and he had muddy long hair. The man said to the barber that there is no such thing as a barber and your existence is fake. The barber got shocked on hearing that claim. He said why are you saying that can’t you see me? The man replied that if there was any Barber then the poor guy with dirty hair would be having clean hair with a good haircut. The barber replied that it is not my fault if the man is not coming to me. If he will come to me I will cut his hair. After hearing this the man instantly replied that The God exist too, but we don’t go to Him and don’t call Him when we are in need, neither do we praise with for all His blessings. The existence of God cannot be denied at any cost and it is our fault as human beings if we don’t build a strong connection with our Lord.
As true believers of any religion, it is the duty of the followers to praise their Lord. Muslims show their strong faith in Allah by praying five times a day. They not only worship the one and only Allah, but also perform the Holy obligations performing Hajj and Umrah if they are financially stable enough. For those having keen desire to visit the house of Allah, there are certain less costly packages been made like Ramadan Umrah 2017 from Manchester which offers amazing facilities under the affordable budget of a common man. When a person is standing in front of the Kaaba, he senses that God is looking at His man from the skies and listening to all the needs of his true believer. This creates a strong bonding between a person and the Lord and depicts the belief of a person in the existence of Almighty.

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