As per research, it is very important to have an ideal body language during an interview. Most of the leading recruiter mainly observers or monitors the candidate’s body language and judge them on the basis of that, at the first 7 seconds of the interview. Body language also accounts for 55% of any candidate’s overall communication!

Therefore, it is very essential to know what are the common do’s and don’ts that should be considered before attending any interview. So, let’s have a look at the common do’s and don’ts suggested by the best employment agency.

The do’s of interview body language

Enter Confidently: Many recruiters believe to observe the candidate right from the beginning. So, it is very necessary to enter confidently. You should not be much nervous.

A Firm Handshake: A firm handshake shows your enthusiasm and confidence to the interviewer. It also shows your confidence in your self-assured personality.

Sit Straight: Your sitting posture also speaks about your personality. So, try to keep your back straight, but not too stiff and maintain it in such a way that your legs are placed firmly. This posture shows that you are interested in what they speak to the interviewers.

Maintain Eye Contact: Making eye contact with every panelist is utmost important, to look confident and convincing. If you get too nervous, then at least try to make eye contact for an average time period of 10-12 seconds and after that look at the interviewer’s nose for a few seconds.

Smile: Any interview panel never likes someone who is grim and grumpy. Even though it is a serious process, but it is also important to show some lighter side of you. A smile indicates your pleasant and agreeable persona to the interviewers. It also makes you look less nervous.

Pay attention to your Hands: Hands should not come in direct line of vision between you and the interviewer. Closing your hands to form a fist, fidgeting or bending knuckles are a few things that must be avoided. It is best to make gestures with hands and if it is not possible, then start taking notes. Writing will not keep your hands idle and hence, they will not attract any unnecessary attention.

Additional things to do: Keep your phone on silent or flight mode during the interview. Always carry a pen in your pocket. Make the question-answering process easier by placing your feet firmly on the ground.

The don’ts of interview body language

Come up as Over Confident: Going for an interview with overconfidence is never accepted. If you interrupt the recruiters to show that you know the company better than them, then you will definitely make your look negative and arrogant. Therefore, always try to be polite, humble and use your curiosity judiciously.

A Loose Handshake: A loose or weak handshake shows lack of confidence and enthusiasm. To look active and confident, you must try and mirror the handshake of your interviewer. But never put too much pressure as it can make you look aggressive.

Slouch/bend too much: More than a lazy candidate (who always looks insecure), there is nothing more annoying for an interviewer. Therefore, never lean outwards too much or keep your shoulders bent.

Stare Blankly: Eye contact and staring have a difference. If you continue an eye contact for more than 15 seconds, then it makes your interviewer uncomfortable. If you stare at other things in the room then shows that you are a distracted personality. Therefore, you have to be a focused person what the interviewers are looking for.

Toying with Objects: The habit of clicking the pen frequently, adjusting your hair regularly and touching your nose every time, should be avoided always. All of these actions look unpleasant and it may make interviewers irritated & annoyed.

Fidgeting/Drumming your Fingers on the Table: This kind of habits indicates restlessness. Frequently changing the position of hands, legs or fingers can badly affect the continuity of the interview process.

Additional things you should never do: Checking the time on your phone, receiving a call, chewing gum, trying to be over friendly/personal or even going in for a hug is strictly intolerable.

Hence, maintaining the decorum of your interview is a thumb rule of every interview body language. Find an employment agency and know more about the various other do’s and don’ts which are to be followed during any interview.

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