By Hyacinth E. Gooden-Bailey

Ancient teaching on Healing tell us about seven Chakras (7 circular vortexes of energy – the focal points of our life force) which are vital to our holistic well-being. This teaching relates to Intuition at Chakra no. 6, where our ‘gut-feelings’ a help us to problem-solve, be decisive and be right at the same time. The Intuitive Chakra is located in the center of your forehead.

Intuition, which is rooted in the Latin past participle 'intuitus', which means to look at attentively, contemplate, to gaze at. Although intended for outward looking,this has implications for us to look and gaze inwardly instead. Intuition can be defined in different ways to grasp its significance to your life more clearly. Two favorite and understandable ones for me are: knowing that you know without knowing how, because we have experienced this from time to time or all the time. The second one is that, it is a supra-logic that cuts out all the routine processes of thought and leaps straight from the problem to the answer. Isn’t that fantastic?

When we use our Faith in God, a supernatural experience akin to the above is manifested. We believe and take action based on our belief and actually see the manifestation of our beliefs, dreams or desires without being able to figure out how they were achieved. Both Intuition and Faith are divine gifts, because they are tools that we all have from the Divine Creator and they are included in what the Good Book refers to when it says: having done all, stand. In other words, that we are expected to take action on a physical, mental, and spiritual level to the best of our knowledge and ability before expecting God to act on our behalf.

In line with the Chakra thinking, Chakra no. 7, located at the top of your head, controls the level of your connection to your Divine Source, to the extent that you endeavor to build that up or ignore it.

Intuition gives you the hints, cues and inner wisdom nudges, if you will allow it. Faith in God gives you the strong and sure base by which to pre-view a certain future and press on regardless of visible circumstances. Together they allow you to transcend through challenges, changes and transitions.

A remarkable combination, wouldn’t you say? That means that we have no reason to feel or be un-empowered. Not utilizing your God-given intuition or not exercising your faith denies you what is rightfully yours in different areas of your life.

There is far more to intuition for us to pursue and an endless lot more about faith but we will conclude this right here, while you meditate.

Hyacinth E. Gooden-Bailey, M.A. is a Certified Life Coach/Career Change Strategist (

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Hyacinth E. Gooden-Bailey, M.A. is a Certified Life Coach/Career Change Strategist (, specializing in Transition Issues, Women at Midlife and Pre-retirement, and Career Change issue. She writes articles, eBooks, books,poetry and hosts at 6p.m.on Sats, as well as This author is currently launching her powerful 12-part eCourse: Mind, Life and Career Re-Design. Contact: 6-12 part.

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