However much has been written on Muslim ideas in the contemporary period, according to h.a.r. Gibb, “one sees in otiose for any organized inspection of new movements of thought in the Muslim world”. This is since almost all the books written in French and English fall in the category of apologies which search for either to guard Islam or display its conformism with modern thinking. In gibb’s decision, the unresolved exclusion is sir Muhammad Iqbal, who in his six addresses on the reconstruction of spiritual thought in Islam looks outright the question of reformulating the elementary sentiments of Muslim doctrine” and demands “a fresh review of the basics of Islamic belief.

Gibb denotes to the following way in which a new preparation of Islamic divinity is openly proclaimed by Iqbal. Nor can the ideas of theological organizations, wrapped in the terminology of an essentially dead metaphysics, be of any support to those who occur to holds a different knowledgeable background. The job before the contemporary Muslim is, consequently, enormous. He has to reconsider the whole system of Islam without totally breaking with the past. The only course open to us is to method contemporary knowledge with a respectful but self-determining boldness and to appreciate the wisdoms of Islam in the opinion of that knowledge even though we may be led to diverge from those who have gone earlier us.

In W.C. Smith’s opinion, religiously, Iqbal formed the most significant and the most indispensable revolution of modern periods. He ensured this by making Allah Almighty not simply transcendent but also intrinsic. Expounding upon this opinion, Smith states the revolution of immanence dishonesties in this, that it places Allah Almighty back into the world. Iqbal’s Allah Almighty is in the world, now, with us, fronting our difficulties from within, generating a new and better world with us and through us. Religion is life. Then life, this ordinary physical life, is spiritual. The current world, of matter, time and space is decent. Allah Almighty himself, and all the standards, plunders, ideals and purposes of religion become transported to the experiential world. Congruently, the willpower of Allah is not somewhat forced from without to be acknowledged reluctantly, but flows within (and) is to be captivated and executed.”

Throughout his literatures, Iqbal laid great importance on humanity’s imaginative competence. He said “Both Allah and man live by perpetual formation. The artist is a subordinate of Allah Almighty and minds the interaction of period and perpetuity in his personality.” Allama Iqbal continually pressures the character that a human being plays in determining “his own purpose as well as that of the world, now by regulating himself to its services, now by hitting the whole of his energy to mold its services to his own ends and drives. And in this process of liberal change Allah Almighty develops a co-worker with him, provided man takes the inventiveness”. It reflects that views of Allama Iqbal were modern and contemporary. He has explained true essence of Islamic ideology and thoughts.

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