The general community can mistakenly believe that people with narcissistic personality disorderare over-confident people. Nothing could be further than the truth. A narcissistic personality is the psychological model of a person who suffers froma dire lack of confidence and self-belief.

Thenarcissistic personality is all-consumed by feelings of being worthless, unacceptable, defective and damaged, so much so that he or she suffers from intense self-loathed and self-rejection.

This creates a pathological and all-pervasive condition where the narcissistic personality completely rejected his or her True Self and created the constructionof a False Self in its place. This False Self is a grandiose version of everything the individual with narcissistic personality disorder wished he or she really was – but knows ona deep gnawing inner level isn’t the truth.

The narcissisticFalse Self is a fictitious over-compensation; it’s a defence mechanism - a buffer against the relentless self-demonising inner voices that the narcissistic individual is trying to avoid. The False Self is a coping mechanism to escape the emotional annihilation that the narcissist is terrified of, if he or she accepts the True Self inner version of who he or she really is.

The False Self although offering relief from inner emotional torment,setsthe ultimate price to pay – that living lifethrough a constructed self means that the true inner selfbecomes more and more redundant, meaning an individual with narcissistic personality disorder’s ability to deal with the reality of life becomes severely eroded.

Why the mining of narcissistic supply is a necessary emotional survival mechanism for a narcissistic personality, and is a never ending and bottomless addiction which the narcissist is chained to for life.

All Narcissists suffer an immense gap between the True Self which is intensely damaged, crippled and self-annihilating and the grandiose False Self which is a fabricated ‘mask’ presented to life. Inevitably and often the narcissistic personalitydiscovers that life and other people don’tnecessarily agree with the inflated, unique, omnipotent, special, entitled and unique version that the False Self promotes.

When the False Self can no longer compensate for the immense gap a narcissistic injury occurs. During this time the narcissistic personality flies into pathological defence mechanisms to try and preserve and maintain the False Self.

The outside world will see outrageous and childish demands and pathological narcissistic behavior that defies normal human operation, and the narcissistic personality will forego all care, compassion, accountability or personal responsibility to others in order to serve the one and only true master - the False Self - which has taken over the narcissist’s entire identity.

When narcissistic personality disorder is deeply understood, no longer will you assume that the narcissistic individual is all-powerful and incredibly confident. You will understand that the narcissist’s mask is in fact a false construction, a phony personality trying frantically to cover up intense feelings of worthlessness and powerlessness.

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