You know we're bombarded with information that offers quick solutions to everyday problems – whether it’s the latest get rich quick idea, take this little pill and change your life, or lose weight without any effort? You know the stuff I’m referring to.

Does that mean that we’re all looking for the ‘magic’ to fix what we believe to be wrong with our lives? Since those first homo sapiens stood up and figured out that developing something that we call a wheel would make life easier, we have been looking for ways to make life easier.

Does that mean that quick fixes work? Sometimes. Because sometimes only one thing needs to be changed in order to create the outcome you seek. But other times, there isn’t any magic other than how good you feel when you tackle something bigger, and turn it around. That doesn’t happen overnight or without effort, and sometimes with growing pains.

Coaching with hypnotherapy combines ease with effort needed to foster desired change. Hypnotherapy can be a great tool to assist you in changing from the inside out. With a coach who uses coaching practices with hypnotherapy – the growth that is needed sometimes happens with a little more ease and a little more grace.

That being said – it all starts with the relationship between the coach and the client. What does the client (you) really want? And what coaching strategies are best suited for that client (you!)?

Is it magic? Not really, but sometimes it can feel that way and that's a great thing!

Cheryl Charron, MA BA Adv.

Author's Bio: 

Cheryl Charron has been working beside people helping them through life's changes with grace and humour.