Frederick Langbridge, an English Author and Poet who was educated at Oxford University, is famous for the following quote. “Two men look out through the same bars: One sees the mud, and one sees the stars."

How do you feel about coming second in a competition? Are you pleased, and work on how you may succeed next time, or are you disheartened and give it all up?

Life is full of choices, but the main choices you have to make in the first instance is whether to be pessimistic and assume you will fail, or optimistic and grab challenges with both hands – whether you win or lose, you are assured of a fulfilled and stimulating life.

Why not adopt optimism now?

People with an optimistic outlook on life are known to be more popular, to have better academic success, enjoy better general health, and a happier and longer life. They can also deal with trauma more readily, all because of the boost to morale and outlook that optimism brings.

Unfortunately it seems that the incidence of pessimism and hence depression have grown in recent times and are at their highest rates. Younger people are now also likely to be affected in the same way as middle aged and older individuals. Depression used to be seen as a ‘housewife's disorder' but in fact in recent times the average age of onset of the disease has dropped from age 30 to age 15, making it a ‘teenager's disorder' too.

Optimism research and why optimism is the way forward

People who are optimistic do not instantly assume that things are going to go bad, in fact very much the opposite. Because these people have a more positive outlook they can deal with problems such as a house move, unexpected tragedies and when things don't ‘pan out' their way. Optimists do not see problems, they see a new challenge and this allows them to pick themselves up quickly after a setback.

Optimists have a positive effect on other people

From a social point of view, in all cultures and walks of life, optimism is seen as a advantageous gift to possess. Those full of doom and gloom, who see the worst in every situation, and who are prone to being overdramatic are not sought out socially or otherwise by others.

Optimists are the people voted ‘most popular' in school, win elections and are the ones that others go to when they are in need of advice.

The harder things get, the harder optimistic work

During stressful times, pessimists often respond by going into denial – that is, pretending that the problem doesn't really exist, or by refusing to face up to and deal with them. They are also likely to give up altogether when they meet an obstacle, the complete opposite of an optimist, who will exercise their ability to believe in themselves and keep themselves thinking positively.

Optimists work at it. If it doesn't happen the first time, they won't give up and will continue to patiently get closer and closer to what they are persevering for, no matter what it is.

Live longer and more healthily – become an optimist.

The immune system is boosted by a positive outlook on life, and medical research has proven that those with this trait hence have healthier immune systems, resulting in a body better equipped to prevent and fight off illnesses and disease.

The health of an optimist is generally far better than those of their more miserable peers. They are even likely to outlive them as well as ageing better, being less prone to illnesses and keeping active for longer into their middle age and beyond.

Why not have a longer, happier life and become an optimist now?

It seems like a bit of a no-brainer. Adopt optimism today and look forward to the future, whether it be success, ability to bounce back under pressure, or to attain your goals. Get yourself out of that rut you are in and get on with your life in the correct way. While you're at it, why not see if you can convert some others to see their glass as half full instead of half empty?

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