It can be tough to question whether or not your husband is cheating on you. Your mind is racing, looking over his behaviors and actions trying to evaluate if it all adds up or if there is anything that seems out of place.

Sometimes it can feel like putting a jigsaw puzzle together in the dark. You know what the picture is supposed to look like, and you can sense that the pieces fit together, but until you actually turn on the lights and peel back that layer of hope or doubt, you’ll never know for certain exactly what the whole picture really looks like.

First, though, be glad that you’re at least open to the idea that he’s cheating. This may seem obvious, but until you’ve come to accept the thought that he might be doing something behind your back, you will be completely blind and unable to notice all those little strange things he does that would otherwise be huge red flags.

Second, notice if he seems to be taking more and more private time around the house. Maybe he spends an unusual amount of time on the computer. Maybe he goes to bed after you or wakes up before you (this can provide an excellent time frame for him to chat with other women or send out e-mails arranging a meet up). Maybe when you walk into the room, he will suddenly minimize or close windows on the computer as if he is hiding something. Of course, he will probably be spending more time away from home if he is cheating, but he’ll probably also be acting a little secretive around the house too.

Third, does he spend a lot of time away from home suddenly? It’s no surprise that if he’s cheating, he’ll need to be away from home in order to hook up with the other woman (unless of course you’re away from home...). Has he been working late out of the blue when such activity isn’t common? Or maybe he gets an “emergency” call from work and he has to head in to take care of some kind of urgent problem in the middle of the night. Just notice his behaviors. Are they out of character with the status quo?

Fourth, has he suddenly made an effort to improve his appearance? Women aren’t the only ones concerned about their looks. When a guy is trying to impress a new woman in his life, he’ll suddenly start to dress better and groom himself better. Maybe he’s suddenly added new clothes to his wardrobe. Or maybe he seems to be wearing his favorite shirt more often these days. More importantly, though, does he seem to wear his good clothes whenever he is working late or stepping out of the house unexpectedly?

Catching a cheating husband is tough. He knows what he’s doing is wrong, and he’s probably taking actions to cover his tracks and hide the evidence. But if you look at the big picture and notice how all the pieces fit together, you’ll soon find the answers to what he’s really up to. I know dealing with a cheating husband can be difficult. But no matter what happens, you’ll find a way to deal with it and you’ll be a stronger person because of it.

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