Does your image of what is means to be empowered scare you off from BEING empowered?


What does it mean to be an empowered woman, anyways?? – It May Not Be What YOU Think.

Think about it: What does an empowered woman look like? What does an empowered woman behave like?
What about something like this...

She is outspoken, she tells people off when necessary, shares her opinion freely, she is noticed, she is an active participant in her life, and is well dressed, attractive, and can stand her ground — she is like an infallible goddess that no one can help but notice and admire.

Your image may not be 100% like the one above but it’s probably something along those lines.

This is an OK image... BUT if this description is far off from who you are at the core, you really are sabotaging yourself each time you decide you want to be empowered.

An empowered woman doesn’t always have to be the one:

• Who takes the room by storm
• Who appears loudly confident
• Who aspires to be and becomes the greatest speaker
• Who gets heads to turn and look at her

Empowerment doesn’t have to be loud and attention grabbing. A woman who is confident and empowered is also able to be quiet, observant, and analytical, who isn’t always ready for the spotlight; But she is woman who can speak up for herself when necessary and who knows how to make time for herself personally and professionally.

The definition of empowerment must take into account personality differences – if it doesn’t, it will only serve to disempower a large portion of the population.

As such, being empowered doesn’t mean that everyone will behave the same way. You MUST remember this when building your image of an empowered woman... or your idea of what it means to be empowered may scare you from getting there.

Just like ‘regular’ women, empowered women also have bad days. They have days where someone gets the better of them, they have days where they don’t feel they look their best, they definitely have days where they can’t say no... even though they want to.

But that doesn’t mean they aren’t empowered. They too are humans who continue to grow and learn about themselves as they move through life. More importantly, they are people who know how to get things back on track. That is ultimately the difference between empowered and non-empowered women.

If you’re seeking a way to get back on track, get back to the basics. Here are 4 steps to get yourself to this place:

1. Know yourself – when you know yourself, you can be in control by being able to manage yourself.

2. Overcome your personal fear – not everyone has the same fears or needs to overcome the same challenges.

3. Love yourself so you don’t undervalue or put yourself in unwanted positions – a woman generally has no issue standing up for her child because she loves her unconditionally. When you feel the same about yourself, you’ll gain power in many ways.

4. Create a empowerment definition based on what makes sense for you – one that allows you to express who you are at core.

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Toronto Life Coach for Women, Ivana Pejakovic, B.Sc., MA, provides training and support to kind-hearted and genuine women who struggle with their self-esteem, feel stuck and trapped, or are emotionally exhausted. I offer educational programs, products with the goal of helping my clients Reach Their Full Potential.

Specifically I help women:

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