Understanding mindset as the root of what causes your outcomes in life can be a tricky thing as its operation is often out of our awareness. One of the reasons it is so easy to overlook the connection between how we think and feel and the results that we get in life is because we are so not “integrated” in the way that we think and live our lives.

We have business “over there”, and then there is our personal life “over here”. We don’t connect the dot that worrying about the opinions of others and low self-esteem is causing the stress response in our bodies and this has now been associated with everything from high blood pressure to cancer and Alzheimer’s – and I’m not exaggerating, there is research available to prove it.

We think that we can have poor communication and collaboration skills at home and still be effective team leaders at the office. Of course if you don’t like yourself, you are more likely to have a harsh inner critic, and studies also show that negative self-talk is a trigger for the stress/survival response in your body.

You can train your brain to motivate you even more effectively if you would stop living so “dis-integrated” and start coming from center – your authentic Self. This would create a focus to move toward positive expectancy instead of constantly running away from what you “don’t want” to show up in your life.

Until your mind and heart start working together as a team, until we all start respecting our feelings, intuition/insight and need to connect with others in a respectful and compassionate way, instead of only being “logical”, we will not be a whole, functioning unit. Logic has its place yet it can only come from the “known” past (often based in limitation and fear) without the collaboration of heart/spirit that can lead to new possibilities.

With only analytical logic, life becomes predictable, without passion and “heartless” – and a heartless mind is no way to live! My experience as a business entrepreneur, wife, mother, eye surgeon, friend…and the list can go on, is that I have become more effective as I have discovered that I am truly the common denominator in all of these roles.

To the degree that I integrate my sense of “who I think I am” in a way that creates an expansive, self-accepting perceptual identity within my brain and nervous system, is to the degree that I live a whole, empowered lifestyle. As I have rejected the idea that feelings are “bad” and made friends with them by learning more about how my brain and mind can play perceptual tricks on the “logical” mind regarding emotion, I have less to feel “bad” about in the first place.

I have a better self-perception that creates a positive self-fulfilling prophecy, as the brains’ perceptual system is wired to prove you “right” – as you believe. Until we embrace integration of our life on every level and use the new neuroscience information to raise our perception of ourselves and our relationship to the broader world around us, we will continue to lives “dis-integrated” lives which will continue to cause us to disintegrate.

I don’t know about you, but I want to live an abundant WHOLE life, in business, personally and in the area of my health. The common thread is “mindset”. What about you, have you ever felt like you are being pulled in a million directions, overwhelmed, not enough? It can be changed when you learn how to eliminate perceptual “blind spots”, change your mindset and get to the heart of the matter so that you can reach your true potential. What do you think?

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