When I was growing up, my mother drilled in me to forgive and forget. She believed that holding on to anger and resentment only hurts me, tightens my body, hurts my heart, and the other person doesn’t know that I’m still angry or feel a thing. My mother used to say, “Carolyn, always forgive someone when they are sorry because it is the ‘right’ thing to do, to forgive.” What she didn’t explain is how energetically holding on to anger about wrongs, slights, and hurts festers in the body. This can cause dis-ease within your body and, then, disease itself. It can make you feel sad and heavy, or it can feel like sharp pains in one location where you stored the hurt. It causes stress. Nothing ever goes away without releasing or transforming the energy into a positive energy, such as forgiveness or love. When you forgive a person, you can choose whether to continue to be connected with them or not. It is not continuing the relationship that causes disease; it is the anger that you hold on to that does.

Resentment develops when a perceived hurt or wrong against you builds so big in your mind that it takes on a life of its own in your body. It has its own life force or energy. When you complain about someone or what they have done to you, or about a situation that didn’t go the way you imagined, it builds and builds adding more force with each thought and the attention you give it. You fuel the flames with your thoughts. The thing about resentment is that the person or situation you are resenting is not the one that gets hurts. It hurts only you and your own body. As resentment and anger build, it causes a wall to build around you or within you. It takes away a bit of your life, a little at a time. It blocks all the abundance the universe wants to provide from reaching you. It actually blocks life from coming to you! I bet if you think about a time in your life when someone hurt you or when something didn’t go your way, you are right there in that moment. It is as if this wrong is still occurring because you give it that power by retelling it to yourself or others.

As you think about or retell any hurtful of negative story, it puts you in the past, out of the present, which is where you are able to create and manifest your desires. It takes you out of flow. Fear does the same thing. Let’s use flying as an example. By being afraid of flying and not going anywhere that requires travel by plane, you limit your life and your desire to explore the world, to meet new people, see new, exotic or historic locations. Or, as another example, if you are afraid of speaking in a group or to a group, then you limit your ability to present your idea for your new company, or a book you want to get published, or whatever it is that you would like to share with others. When I am afraid, I look at the fear and say, “Thank you so much, but we need to go ahead with this so we can live out our desires and dreams to create a life of freedom.” I am fully committed to my vision and I work with my fear to overcome it, move past it, and listen to my heart. When I do this, when I am really listening to my heart, without allowing fear, resentment, or limitation to get in my way, I find that I wind up on the other side of the pain at a rainbow of fun, joy and abundance.

Free yourself from your fears and anger. You can do it. Meditate. Use forgiveness prayers. (There are many available online.) Cultivate Self-Love. Love yourself enough not to store toxic emotions in your body or to have your life limited by fears. Seek help if you need assistance to move past your fears. Make it a priority. Live your life out fully and completely, feel safe and secure in your body, as you desire your life into reality!



Author's Bio: 

Carolyn Goldfarb is a Licensed Soul Therapist®, and has received her training from Soul Therapy School® International. In her private practice, Carolyn assists individuals utilizing Soul Therapy and Past Life Regression Therapy. She has been certified by The International Association of Professional Past Life Regression Therapy & Training Institute. Carolyn works with women from all over the world to support their desire to realign their soul and life purpose, connect to their divine essence and live their true magnificence.