It has been a bit now since the truth came out that your spouse was having a marital affair. Initially you did not want to believe it. Not one of the standard signs of adultery were detectable so you just chalked it up to stress and needless worry.

Except your instincts kept telling you something was not quite right. The more time that went by the more expounded it became til finally there wasn't any way to keep ignoring it. After doing some investigating you faced up to your partner and they confessed to something that you were hoping against hope was not true .

Since that point the rach of you made a genuine effort to save the marriage but you have concerns about their fidelity. You still love your partner but when they crossed that bridge of betrayal it's hard to believe that they will not do it again or maybe worse that they are still in the midst of anmarital affair.

Unless you follow your partner around twenty four hours a day seven days every week there is really no way of guaranteeing they are not cheating. What you are looking for are powerful indicators that what happened is actually finished and that they are sincere about rebuilding the marital relationship.

Among these are :

1. Communication

Your spouse may have a tough time talking about what they actually did to you but if they're making a constant concerted effort than that may be an excellent sign. They talk about the marital relationship and why did they feel the need to keep on an affair.

Communication also implies your spouse listens to what you have to say. You will repeat the same thing again and again again about how you're feeling and what they put you thru and your partner understands without getting impatient or angry.

2. The Quality Of The Contrition

Voicing sorrowfulness after a marital affair is not a single shot deal. It might have to be said over and over again till the better half that was wronged starts to feel better about their spouse and future of the marital relationship..

It expresses complete understanding of what they actually did to hurt the relationship and recognizes the hurt they caused to the marriage partner with a promise not to do it again. If they're not happy to give this sort of apology then look out.

3. Clearness

Irrespective of how direct and candid the communication or how robust and genuine the apology it boils down to proving it through action. The marks of infidelity must come to a close. Privacy, lying and lying through omission are just some of the traits.

If the two of you need to set up some type of system where you check in with each other on a constant basis then so be it. That will strike some as overstepping but if the marital relationship is to be revived than openness is an imperative element to doing it.

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