Have you been asked by friends or close to you, "Is your wife cheating?"When the husband is faced with such question, it cannot be easy for him to accept the fact whether it is really true or not.The issue of wife's infidelity is less likely unacceptable comparing to husband's because as of today, the cheating wives are continuously increasing.

Comparing women today and women before, you can see a real big difference.The rate of cheating women today is known to be increasing from time to time.Such infidelity is not based alone on the idea of unfaithfulness.The main reason would be marital STRESS that are too much to bear.What it means by the stress here is that the couple's pressure at work and on how to keep the relationship balanced especially on how to prioritize married and family life. Of course, the work can be at times stressful especially when two are working, making them both busy thus time will be compromised to spend with each other and to family. Other form of stress may include financial constraints, infertility, infidelity, etc.

Most men do not at all believe that their wives can commit infidelity on their marriage. As such, when the husband found out that they are cheated by their wives, it is very shocking for them.Well, could this be a bad karma for all men out there?What reality is telling us is that wives can also be as aggressive as their husbands so never underestimate.If it is shocking to know that they are capable of cheating, then husbands should know the reasons why their wives do it:

• For a long time that they have been together as husband and wife, the wife may feel bored or the needs and desires of the wife in the relationship is unmet.
• When they feel that they are being ignored, being talked less and cared less, they might look for somewhere or someone else.
• Time can really be compromised when both the husband and wife is busy working. Usually, on a weekend, the husband has to take quality time with his wife such as date night, pampering her for all the stress at work and doing chores at home. But when this is not given importance, and quality time is not part of the relationship wherein the wife is left at home while the husband is having drinking session with friends, then the wife tends to find someone else better.
• There is an absence of intimacy in the relationship. Most often, women can be as sexual as men or even more sexual than men. When they feel that the husband is stagnant and becomes boring in bedroom, the wife will find another physical satisfaction outside home.
• She is often hurt and abused by the husband.
• Her husband is also having an extra marital affair.
Marriage is not out of love, but out of forced and money.
Is your wife cheating? The following signs may be of help to confirm that your wife is cheating! TAKE NOTE OF THESE, HUSBANDS:
• She has this emotional space.
• She rarely talks about how her day went.
• She always goes out at the house early and goes home late making OVERTIME as the reason.
• Always has a secretive phone conversations.
• She is overly guilty because she tries to displace her guilt to her husband by becoming so suspicious to him.
• She’s always restless and nervous.
• She has always been protective of her phone, and making such security code is a must for her.
• She's very particular with make-ups, dresses, etc.
• She suddenly likes something which she hated before.
• When asked about changes of behaviors, she gets mad and becomes defensive.
• Your gut feeling is telling you that your wife is cheating.

So, what do you think, is your wife cheating? Unlike the husband's infidelity, surely it is more painful and hurting when the wife cheats.However, living with that constant doubt will make it even worse. When you are in doubt, you need to observe for changes in your wife, gather evidence, and in time, confront her.So, when you just rely on that trust and just believe that you are the only person being loved by your wife although there are signs very definitive of cheating, then you are just allowing yourself to be drowned - senseless and worthless. To all the husbands reading this, you should remember, that in the relationship, even if the wife is the one involved in infidelity, it is best to confront and face the issue, and allow some necessary changes in the relationship, a must and a need.

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