Eating a 100% raw and living foods diet is absolutely healthy only if it is done correctly and with the right intentions, however it is not necessary to eat a 100% raw and living foods vegan diet in order to enjoy all of the benefits that it can offer.

A raw and living foods vegan diet is a diet made up of mostly organic and fresh uncooked and unprocessed nuts, seeds, sprouted grains, fruits, vegetables and superfoods. It is a diet that does not advocate for any animal flesh or dairy products. Some would think that it is impossible to eat this way and it is as there are some nuts on the market that say they are 100% raw and living, but actually they are not. Also there are many organic fruits and vegetables on the market that are actually not 100% organic either.

Even though I eat a mostly organic raw foods diet, I do not strongly advocate for anyone eating this way. What I do suggest is that everyone eat as healthy, as organic, and as raw as possible as eating foods that are natural, unprocessed, and living are more gentler to the body and healing. That is basic common sense.

From years and years of experience, I have noticed that people who eat a 100% organic raw foods diet are not necessarily the healthiest looking people and this does not mean that it has anything to do with the diet. There are many other factors at play in determining the reasons behind this. Many people who eat a 100% raw foods diet could be struggling with emotional, metaphysical, mental, and spiritual challenges that directly affect the organs especially the digestive organs in which the digestive organs are extremely important in determining the health of the body. Therefore these other factors could take part in the physical components of breaking down foods and allowing the foods to properly nourish and sustain the body thus still creating disease in the body.

Overall eating a well-balanced diet that caters to your personal tastes and your body's health needs is of the most utmost importance. Embracing change in one's diet is also extremely important as it is not healthy to keep eating the same foods over and over again especially when the seasons change.

Our bodies are constantly changing as we age, as the seasons change, as we change environments, as we change our minds, etc and therefore our needs change as well.

Eat a well-balanced diet, one made up of different colors, textures, etc. Eat foods that are in season. Listen to your cravings as they are telling you what your body needs. And learn to eat different foods constantly. Do not become constipated or stuck on eating according to a rule. That is the worst thing you can do for your body and for your psychological health. And overall embrace change.

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