Practically everyone wants to know how to get rich online, except for those that believe it is impossible. Simply because of their negativity, those people will never be successful. Here are a few examples of people that have been successful and made millions online.

Alex Tew, who was in business school at the time, came up with the idea of selling pixels. For a dollar per pixel, you could buy space on his homepage to advertise or express yourself. With a million pixels, Alex hoped simply to be able to pay off his student loans. Instead, he sold out of pixels in less than a year, making him a millionaire.

Monks at the Cistercian Abbey of Our Lady of Spring Bank reportedly make over $2 million annually, simply by refilling ink cartridges. Their website is I’m sure they are grateful.

Everything from plastic wishbones to designer diaper bags is being sold online. The people that came up with the ideas are wealthy and their businesses make millions every year. That should inspire you to pick up a pencil and start jotting down business ideas. There’s no limit to what you could come up with or to how much you could make.

In order to get rich online or off, you need a plan. No one plans to fail, but many fail to plan. That quote has been repeated over and over again. You’ll see it all over the internet. The source of the original quote is unclear. It could be minister and motivational speaker Zig Zigler.

But, regardless of the source of the quote, it rings true. Most small businesses fail within the first year, according to numerous sources. That might not be true when it comes to internet-based businesses, simply because the costs are lower.

Buying and maintaining a traditional storefront is expensive. Rent, alone, typically runs thousands of dollars per month. Online start-up costs are much lower. But, in order to get rich online, you should learn and use the success secrets of those that have already made it.

That doesn’t mean copying someone’s idea, although building a website and charging a dollar per pixel is something that anyone with a little website development knowledge could do. It’s a relatively cheap form of advertising and companies love that.

Before you make a decision or start building a website, learn more about the secrets of successful people. You can get rich online. It’s been done before.

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Aboubakar Pefoura
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