The emotional wreckage that comes after the discovery of an affair, makes it tough for couples to work towards rebuilding their marriage after infidelity has occurred.However your marriage after an affair can also become a relationship that is stronger and more loving than it was before. Read on to discover how you can achieve this...

Moving forward after an episode of infidelity can only begin when the betrayed party realizes they need to offer forgiveness for the act..Obviously this is easier said than done, but some simple tips may make this task easier:

Build a new marriage, do not rebuild the old one

A natural reaction to infidelity is to desire a return to the way things were in the past... even when there were obviously problems that needed to be dealt with. Unfortunately in most cases this is not a possibility. The trust that has been broken means the past cannot be reclaimed and your relationship cannot be repaired in such a simple fashion.

Instead you should focus on creating a new relationship, a new marriage with a new set of values and a new way to live and love. The infidelity will never be forgotten but it can be forgiven and a new path taken.

Do not feed anger and resentment

No one can begrudge you feeling as betrayed as you do, but it is important to avoid letting yourself to become a slave to these feelings.If you fail to keep a rein on your emotional state there is no doubt it will lead to heated arguments in the relationship. If these arguments continue for too long, the healing process may never get a chance to begin

If you are ever becoming so enraged that you cannot have a proper conversation simply tell your spouse you are angry and need some time to cool off then maybe go for a walk.. The key to recovering from a marriage after infidelity is to refuse to let this anger dictate the path the relationship takes in the future.

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Saving your marriage after infidelity