Life's short so have an affair. That's the tagline of a certain website that specializes in helping married people go the extra mile and have an extramarital affair. By all accounts business is very good for this company.

You do not know if your spouse has decide to go that far and contact the website but you have some suspicions about them that just will not go away. Are they having an affair? There maybe certain signs that are definitely pointing in that direction.

1. Vanishing Act

There are just so many hours in the day and no one can be everywhere at once. Have you noticed that your spouse seems to be disappearing a little more? It doesn't have to be long work hours (although that is one of the classic signs). It can be an excuse to leave the house at any time. Or that the routine of them coming home at certain hour is suddenly interrupted. Either way the clock is not on there side.

2. It Does Not Compute

The major things they say seem to be alright but the little details of their whereabouts or why they need to go out just don't seem to add up. You don't want to flat out call them a liar but something is going on. Keep a little journal handy to record what they are saying. Also jot down the way they are saying it.

3. The Tension Wall

The two of you have always been close. Sharing little secrets and jokes along with good communication. Not anymore or so it seems. Open communication has been replaced by strained to non existent conversation.

You also notice their body language. From time to time you even catch them looking at you with a certain amount of resentment. When you ask them what's wrong they say nothing but the way they say it unnerves you.

When an affair is happening the philandering spouse's emotions are being pulled in different directions. You may be getting the worse of it.

If they are exhibiting any or all of the signs listed than it may be time for you to dig a little deeper and see exactly what is going on in their world.

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For more ways to tell if your spouse is having an affair please visit The Relationship Tip. Article written by Daryl Campbell.