Is your spouse cheating? Like many people you have probably seen the numbers. Half of all married couples have experienced marital infidelity. Some of the cultural mindsets recently on display make the question of is your spouse cheating that much more relevant.

For instance online sites touting infidelity are becoming more mainstream. For a small fee they will put you in contact with someone who is eagerly waiting to carry on an affair. A lot of married people only to happy to sample what these sites have to offer.

It is hard not to wonder is your spouse cheating when you add to the mix some of the communication devices that make marital infidelity easier for them and trying to find out what's going on difficult for you.

Keep in mind though it does not necessarily have to be new hook up that your spouse is trying to cheat with. All too often the object of an unfaithful spouse's desires is someone within your social circle.

The closeness makes the hook up that much easier. Your spouse and the other person know your routine. If done correctly they can have an affair without you or anyone else noticing. It is not hard to overlook someone you know and trust when it comes to finding out is your spouse cheating.

If they don't know your whereabouts or what you will be up to in the near future then a little question and answer session will take care of that. Chances are you won't think anything of it. Truth to tell from your viewpoint there is probably no reason to think is your spouse cheating. Information sharing is what the two of you have always been about in your relationship.

But keep in mind there are lines that can be crossed. One question too many or too often, as well as the personal nature of the inquiry should get your attention. Also look to see how much time your spouse and the mutual friend are spending together. If it strikes you as slightly out of the ordinary then perhaps you should do some investigating to learn is your spouse cheating.

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