A big part of releasing clutter this month in your business is keeping only what you absolutely love, use and need. The only way to do that is to take inventory of every area of your business including your team and how you work together.

Your team can be either formal, informal, or a combination of both. It may include your lawyer, financial advisor, business coach, virtual assistant, as well as family members and colleagues that you can share an idea with and get immediate feedback. Whether formal or informal it is important that your team includes YOU. Now I know that you may be wondering what I mean by that or you may even be saying to yourself that of course you are a part of the team – that’s obvious. But are you present? Are you simply emailing and delegating orders or are you a part of the team?

So think back over this past week and your interactions with your team. Did you have any projects that absolutely pushed you to the limit of where you thought you could go? Did you go beyond your limits and then some? How did you get there? Chances are you worked with members of the team who knew their role but also knew how to inspire you as well. Your team is often like an extended family who knows the nuances of how you work, the importance of your vision and most of all does the work it takes to move the business forward. If this is your experience then it is safe to say that your vision and how you work is well understood.

On the other hand, how well do you know your team? With the advent of the virtual business model our team is often all over the country. This is a wonderful way to work with the very best in your industry but the distance can also create a barrier to communication that is not easily recognized. This is why it is so important to keep the human element in your relationships. Do you know what inspires them? Are you overwhelmed and transferring your clutter to them or is there a systematic process in which the team works that includes meetings, resources and accountability?

As you move into November take a moment to see if you and your team are aligned or if any adjustments are needed. If you find you have areas out of alignment, you may want to try some of these ideas to help you create alignment within your team.

* Be authentic in your communication. In all of your written correspondence including your emails and instant messages. Don’t be afraid to be yourself.
* Make it a practice to pick up the phone from time to time. Hearing a voice on the other end of the phone works wonders for you and your team.
* Develop and maintain an operations manual.
* Coordinate your schedule for projects that require feedback and immediate decisions. This can save you time and money.
* Ensure that members of the team know how to contact each other to collaborate and in case of emergencies

Remember that when you and your team are aligned, you will find yourself working together in synthesis. Ideas will flow, you will be inspired, and the work will challenge you to reach for new goals.

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