Islam fully identifies the family’s role in the development and welfare of society. The Qur’anic term for the communal of Muslims is ‘ummah’ and is taken from the origin word ‘umm’ which represents mother, that is why the participation of a woman is of extreme position in the social framework of a society that appeals to be Islamic.
The idea of marriage, divorce and family life in Islam is diverse from the one widespread in other faiths. Meanwhile the parents’ mutual association plays an imperative part in the growth of a child’s character, the Quran reflects a consistent and happy connection between husband and wife as a axis of family life. This association can be firm only if their boldness and character are well-suited. Such men and women generate a balanced and healthy situation in which their children develop. In the Quran’s expression this is called ‘Nikah’ which factually means to engross each other in the same method as raindrops are captivated by earth. A couple performing this kind of pact is called Zauj’.
Allah Almighty guides that no believer should marry a mushrik woman and neither should a believer woman wed a mushrik man; because such nuptials are bound to be mismatched and would lug you to hell in this world, as well as in the hereafter. In contrast, Allah Almighty offers you to heaven with a balanced marriage. A lawful question tells to the facility of Hoors for men in heaven but no such facility for women. While unfolding heaven the Quran says that surely the God-Conscious will discover themselves in a state safe amid parks and springs wearing clothes of silk and brocade fronting one other in love. Therefore, shall it be and We shall pair them with buddies pure, most attractive of eye. Islam promotes unity and brotherhood among Muslims through Umrah and Hajj. There are many Umrah Packages which help Muslims in their religious accomplishment.
It is notable that the exalted Messenger (Peace Be Upon Him) and some of his friends wedded more than once in eras of social and military unrest. In adding to slain men, there were instances where a woman would accept Islam and her husband would not. The Holy Quran does not permit a Muslim woman to wed or remain in marital agreement with a non-Muslim. That had caused in a large number of detached women. So it was a substance of providing housing and respectable life. We must recall that when lots of men were murdered in the second World War in Europe, countless European scholars and politicians strongly recommended that men of sound monetary and emotional health be permitted to keep more than one wife to protect society from disorder.
The Holy Quran has allowed one wife at a time as a stuff of law. In case of faithfulness becoming tremendously problematic, a second wife is permitted in her home. It does not reflect that a man is open to divorce his wife anytime he adores and take another in her home.The Islamic administration may permit a man to marry more than one woman only in rare conditions. There are two vital circumstances under which it can be permitted. Initially, the man doing so can do fairness to his wives; furthermore, he is accomplished of supporting a big family. If any of these two circumstances cannot be satisfied, the second marriage is not permitted.

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