Goal that is cited most regularly as a clarification for wildness is that it is a tremendously influential resources of reaching one's goal and purpose. But the holy book of Islam does not recognize and promote this idea and notion of aggression. Islam has clear directed that violence or use of force with negative attention or for evil purpose is strongly prohibited in all cases. This method does not bring fruitful and positive results with peaceful intention. Such types of acts or strategies will not cultivate healthy incomes for society and other members of society. They only invite death or destruction of societies and people.

If we study and observe teachings and wisdoms of Holy Quran we come across that our holy book always speaks about peace, love, brotherhood, comradeships, and universal harmony. Moreover, the rulings of Holy Quran also enjoin that al conflicts and hostile issues must be solved with discussion and mutual consultation. There are some and certain methods through which we can handle issues and problems with the help of mutual consultation. The words of Holy Quran show that Islam supports appeasement and reimbursement and convicts and discards hostility in order to solve the fights and contentious subjects ejectively. Therefore, it is strong, that if this teaching of Islam is followed, no discussion or disagreement will be allowable to strengthen the view of violence. There’s an appropriate saying of the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) that needs and desires to be repeated at this opinion. This belief of the Prophet is revealing of the standards of nature. The group of nature documented by Allah Almighty is originated on the code that inactive and nonviolent methods are reserved more appreciated in the accomplishment of any drive and goal. Deals regarding Umrah in December are available for all Muslims.

By resorting to violence and fierceness, on the other hand, you can only indorse and harvest obliteration and hatred that cannot generate any kind of optimistic and nonviolent consequences. This being so, the activities and actions of Muslims must be measured by the understandings of Islam, rather than prospects being made about Islam on the basis of the summary of all activities of Muslims ubiquitously. If some ignorant Muslims indorse violence and familiarize ferocious and fundamental ideology as in contradiction of Islamic wisdoms, he or they must be detained accountable and answerable for their movements. But it must be stated here that their misconducts and wrong activities must not be measured as result and consequences of wisdoms of Islam.

The Qur'an orders concord and payment as basic to all common and even global relatives. As specified in the Qur'an, Paradise, which is the flagship for the sincere, is a home of serenity. If we see history, Muslims have completed every fight to found agreement and serenity generally in all dissimilar fields, only captivating armed actions when their opponents tried to postponement these dynamisms for humankind. Over the course of history, the over-all method of Muslims has been obliging of upholding concord, spreading a state of serenity and faith, and construction a development of love, understanding, and clemency to share with other people in agreement.

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Ayaz Ahmed Wagho is a competent and proficient author for Umrah UK regarding December umrah Packages, who is well known for his outstanding skills in writing about the Hajj and Umrah, the rituals of Islam.