Commands of Islamic wisdoms deal with all unworldly and everyday features of human life. The Holy Quran and Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) are primary foundations of Islamic ideology. Corresponding to all other features, Islam has also given a comprehensive and all-inclusive structure of finance and activities regarding economy.

Islamic Economics covers all financial necessities, approaches, performances, associates, and other financial tools according to the important Islamic literatures. Organization of economics familiarized by Islam is not restricted to banking but it also shelters development of capital, investment markets and all other types of monetary intermediation. About of these standards are mutual in both western and Islamic systems of finance, nevertheless some standards are only devoted with Islamic finance. Islamic monetary boundaries have acknowledged some western applies of finance unconditionally annulled. Consequently, spiritual laws of Islam in marketable field imitates that Islam is not scheme of merely devotions but it is wide-ranging organization of life. Now some prominent aspects of Islamic finance are declared.

Riba, the greatest significant feature of Islamic economics, stances for extra or further, is sternly prohibited in Islamic teachings. Usury and interest also come in this group. Riba is the utmost hatred repetition which activate other evil doings and social unfairness in the social structure. Gharar is another significant feature of Finance in the Islamic ideology. Gharar denotes uncertainty, reservation or lack of specificity in the monetary connections. It is also dejected feature. By way of riba is disqualified, traders of capital become investors instead of creditors. Speculation in Islamic economics is permissible but in some acceptable and legitimate properties and doings. If somebody is going to capitalize in the business of alcohol, it will be professed worthless and invalid. Equally, one cannot participate in the contacts of nightclub. Islam sponsors the concept of free marketplace. Therefore, market charges must be controlled according to scope of request and amount. All depositors must be specified any kind of info on foundation of impartiality.

Consequently, some economic dealings and devices are shaped on the basis of above-mentioned features of Islamic economics. Like, Musharaka, it is scheme in which depositor make monetary sum to the initiative but also plays his vigorous role in its organization. Incomes will be alienated according to pre-decided proportion and fatalities are also shared between both people. This scheme approves an equity-based business. In the system of Mudaraba, one party will capitalize and other party will have guaranteed to deliver administration. Incomes will be alienated in both parties but monetary losses are endured by the depositor. While in Murabaha, one party purchases some substances and trades the other gathering. In Tawarruq, it the economics supplier buys an advantage and promptly sells it to the client on a tardy compensation foundation. Customer then sells the same to a third gathering for prompt transportation and amount. Ijarah, it is the leasing or signing of a corporeal advantage, and it is one of the fastest growing movements of Islamic monetary governments. Takaful, it is a technique of assurance. It is a predetermination by a meeting of people to defend each other from injury or injury through the formation of a separate pool of capitals.

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